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Any stripy tails out there want to be in a group pic?

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*squeak squeak squeak*
I wanted to draw a giant group picture of a bunch of fursonas that have stripes on their tails. It doesn't matter what species, you just have to have stripes on that tail!

So, I've got a bunch of others lined up, and you can see who's on the list already here:

I'll take up to five more requests from here, first come first serve.

If you want in, please reply to the journal link I posted above.

Vertical, diagonal, it doesn't matter! All stripes are welcome! >w<
Characters that are mostly in mature artwork, or have reference sheets that link to mature artwork or fetish related artwork will not be accepted. This is for clean furs only, or furs that are at least civil and not entirely out there and open about their fetishes.
The number of stripes doesn't matter. Even one is okay, but the more the merrier!
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My gif animation doesn't work
Do the stripes have to be horizontal? Because my mate is a skox.

In that case:

Name: Jesstehskox
- Hair and fur: Light grey fur, with white belly and muzzle, dark grey for the last quarter of the tail
- Markings: Two white stripes running down back and onto tail, side-by-side, only meeting at the tip
- Eye colour: Green

Also, he prefers to be seen with glasses.


Be sure to credit my mate for the character.
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Taariq has 2 stripes on her tail, does that count?


*squeak squeak squeak*
I've addressed your questions in some edits to the first post.
TL;DR all stripes are awesome. >w<


*squeak squeak squeak*
I have a cheetah with a stripy tail I'd love to be included, please.


thanks :3
That's perfect, please just comment on the journal with a link to the ref pic so I can keep track easily. >w<

You define non-sexual nudity as mature?
If I can't view the image, I'm not going to go through the process of turning my filter off to check if it's sexual or not sexual. I'll need clean refs please.
Why am I so lazy as to not want to go through the 5 page process of turning it off? Because my internet is relly slow and it can take up to five minutes to do that sometimes. Besides, I'm offering to do free art for a bunch of people. I should be allowed to be a picky as I like.

I've got a sergal with a patch of stripes on his tail http://www.furaffinity.net/full/5047286/ would that work??
Perhaps, do you have any refs of him that aren't mature?


*squeak squeak squeak*
I'm gonna have to say no to both characters unfortunately, for I already have many tiger stripes to draw and I wanted some other kinds of stripes. Plus, I've already taken more than five requests from here so I am now closing my requests.
Thanks for all the responses!


*squeak squeak squeak*
And now I am closing the thread too.
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