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Any Texas furs around


Quarantine beard be like
I remember. When I moved from Dallas to North Carolina, everyone was complaining at how hot it was at 82 degrees in the summer. It felt so good to me, like fall or something. Now, 6 years later, I've acclimated and now 80 degrees feels hot, heaven forbid it reaches 90. Now I'm certain if I go back to Texas during the summer, I will spontaneously burst into flames.

Texas is such a special place though. Miss so much of the food; it's so different out here! Almost all the BBQ is pork.. Miss my yummy moo-moo brisket. And Whataburger..

Congratulations sir, you have made me insanely hungry, once again.

I love the food down here, nothing beats grilling with a nice spread of meats. Beef ribs being my personal favs. Also yeah the temps can get insanely high the trade off is the cold is our kyptonite lol 60 degrees is painfully cold for me lol