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Any tips for a first-time suit maker?


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So, this is more of an unusual suit that I'm making, but I'm wondering - any tips?

The suit is going to start out as just a head and maybe gloves. The head is a dragon with scaly skin - I'm planning to make a sort of balaklava out of that stretchy scaly fabric, then attack feathers or quills down the back along with horns. Then, the face is going to be covered by a cyberpunk gas mask and goggles.

Any tips, things to avoid, recommendations?
Thanks! <333


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First thing, watch tons of tutorials. Just from that you will get the general idea what to do. About the fabric... stretchy fabrics are HORRIBLE to deal with, so constantly check if you really are cutting and sewing it the right way. Better doing it slowly than wasting fabric due to mistakes made in a rush.