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Any tips for backbalancing a behemoth characters horns?


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So I'm decently new to fursuiting, (I've worked making costumes for haunted houses and the sort, so I'm not new to the sewing and brushing fur out of seams) and I'm planning to attempt my first suit head.

I'd like to do a behemoth, and the trouble I'm running into is the horns. I plan on buying lightweight antelope resin horns to use, and I'd like to mount them using a mix of screws and glue. However, since the horns point forward off the head, I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to support the weight on the front of the mask. In doing my sketches I haven't found a way to use a baseball hat like I've seen recommended that doesn't either deform the muzzle or make it almost impossible to hide eye holes for myself.

Based off of the place I plan on ordering are only meant to be a couple of ounces, but I'm worried that will still be enough to make it uncomfortable to wear or make it look wonky because of the placement.

Any ideas on alternatives that may work better?