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Any tips on getting noticed on the main site?


I’ve been active on FA for quite some time now although I don’t get as much traction as I do on other platforms. I was wondering am I doing something wrong? Should I just be more patient?


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FA is very simple as art sites go. I'd say if you really wanted to build an audience here you should post a) high quality art, with good composition because it'll be seen as a thumbnail first, b) relatively often, but not so often the quality goes down, c) with consistent themes and style so that people who see something and like it expect that you'll make more of what they like.

Relevant tags would be good too, but I wouldn't go too crazy with them. Look up what others are using when you see similar art, or think of what search terms you'd use to find something like that.

Miles Marsalis

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Buy ads. A few friends did that on the main site for a few months and it boosted their business and or traffic. The ads are reasonably priced as well too, so you can run them for awhile or in perpetuity.

Frank Gulotta

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The best ways, which result in a durable, loyal audience, involve a bit of work and patience : being consistent (in not only output, meaning that you upload reasonably often, but also quality, and themes. I found that this last bit is optional and many people actually like variety if they like your style; but that happens mostly after you upgrade to when they come back for you, not necessarily just for what brought them to you in the first place) and networking (seeking like-minded people and making your place among them by showing them what makes you stand out). But it doesn't really feel like work if you're enjoying it. That's the most important element if we're being honest, it's cheesy but it's true.