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Any tutorials for Sega CD assembly?


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U mean put a Sega CD back together, mod or hack it?

Or, do U mean make your own FMV Game that would run on the original console?

Please explain what exactly U mean and are trying 2 do!


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1st, Film something 2 get your footage, both the main story, and the alternate paths!

2nd, Edit that footage and put it all in the right sequence!

3rd, Use software 2 add targets or effects 4 the player 2 interact with!

4th, Music, Sound Effects, and all that Jazz!

5th, Download it on 2 a CD, or upload it 2 a game site, or your own site!

U might want 2 look into a film making class, 4 the editing and effects know how!

In this video, James and Mike touch on making a VHS Tape game 4 the Action Max!

And here, James talks about using Final Cut and Photoshop 2 make AVGN Episodes!

Well, thank you!

But I have a specific platform, Sega CD, and everything needs to be done in machine code, even the codec. I can't just use some editing software, it would simply be a VCD, it's a completely different format. I need to compress and decompress the data myself, and the speed of Sega CD drive is 150 kbytes/second, it will need to fit both audio and video. I can use Cinepak, and that would be faster, but the quality would be horrible. I can write my own codec, but that's going to take much more time, although it may be better in quality. More than that, I need at least a primitive engine to handle interactions and disc addressing.


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Well, I can just outline the basic process, all that tech talk and the ''HOW 2 DO IT'', I dunno!

U can play burned games if it gets formatted correctly!

Anyway, good luck in your goal!

Here's some vids that might help?



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Very interesting topic, but there does seem to be very little documentation about it. I looked for any disassemblies of FMV games but with no luck, still, here are a lot of links providing tools useful for development, source code for different games, and documentation on the Genesis hardware and assembly, there's also Discord links where you may find people far more knowledgeable than me:

This is a program that allows you to view and extract multimedia files from CD games using Sega's own format, it is open source so you could read the source code of the program to understand how the proprietary format worked, and maybe write your own program to convert video clips to CD compatible ones:

More Genesis development resources, with some related to the CD:

Apparently it is possible to use the Cinepak codec to play video on the CD (Bad Apple example), in this thread you can find the code of some of these games that show video through Cinepak, maybe it's similar to what you want to do yourself and you can use this code as base to start with:

A discussion on CD video compression methods:

Sega CD programming FAQ:

Intro to the Mega CD development:

Sega Mega CD development framework:

Brief basic tutorials on Mega CD development:

Source code of a CD game, Frog Feast, it's not FMV but still useful to see how games work on the console:

Collection of Mega CD development manuals:

Description of the Cinepak codec used for video on the Mega CD:

Unfortunately there is no full guide or complete resource that tells you everything you need to know, and I never programmed for any Sega consoles so I can't help you there but you may be able to find people with experience in homebrew communities. I hope these can be useful.