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Any webcomic recomendations?


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I've finished just about every comic i started and now im bored. Does amyone out there ha e any recomendations?

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
This is O Human Star, which is a transhumanism webcomic with character depth, and Moon Yu, which is like The Martian but on the Moon and hilarious.


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I like Endtown, Beyond the Western Deep, Gunnerkrig Court, and (formerly, since it just ended) Monster Pulse.


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Rice-Boy, Order of Tales, and Vattu from Evan Dahm. All three can be found at the first link (along with a fourth, though IIRC that one's physical copies only so its link is for a shop page). Of them Vattu is on-going, the other two finished. Best way to describe them is a person's original fantasy setting(s?) with a moderate bit of philosophy and expected world-building mixed in.

Dead Winter by Allison Shabet. Also on-going, and one of the few survivors from the ancient "Zombie Webcomic" days. Has a Discord, and an upcoming game being worked on by the creator (IIRC a demo's out now for GDC?).

Kill Six Billion Demons by OrbitalDropkick / Abbadon. An on-going modern fantasy with a lot of inspiration from various works, gorgeous art, and a ton of lore-building by the author in the comment section. Also has a Discord, as well as currently hosts / runs the War for Rayuba Discord too(which, to my knowledge, is the largest Original Character Tournament to date).