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Any Western Washington anthro artists near Port Orchard?


most goodest boi
I live right in downtown Port Orchard in Western Washington. If anyone is nearby and would like to meet up and be friends I'm down! I'm 26/yo, male, super chill and accepting of pretty much anyone! I also have some digital art stuff like a small tablet and a medium sized drawing monitor. Tons of art supplies as well. I play video games fairly often like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Rocket League.

Not sure if this is the right place but I genuinely can't find anywhere to specifically connect with locals. I've been an artist for a few years now and lurking galleries online is getting very lonely and stale. I want to get connected with some people and feel more like I'm part of things.

Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
Portland OR here.... Have you tried telegram for that, though? I've found that almost every large city/state/region has its own telegram group, usually with a good amount of members. Might be worth checking FurLinks


theres a northwest furries group on meetup thats pretty open and friendly, im a part of it but havent been able to go to anything physical yet due to not having a license