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Any white birds you can think of?


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My fursona is a 'winged wolf', sometimes I consider her a wolf/avian hybrid. But 'avian' is pretty generic, I'm wondering if I hybridize her, what specific bird species she could be, maybe something that goes well with her personality.

Doves, Pigeons, and Seagulls are obvious. I'm wondering if there are anything else more creative or something


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Swans? Cranes? Snow Owl?


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Robert Byrd?


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Probably not at all what you're after, but its what I can think of =P


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Swans? Cranes? Snow Owl?

Snow owl sounds cool, Crane is a good second. Though Swans I'm not a fan of, they're quite aggressive o^o

On second thought...snowy owl wings are kind of spotted

Here's a list of a gazillion birds which contain the colour white.

...ah, this looks helpful. Thanks :)

Edit: ...I looked up white crane and I got 1. A southern chinese martial art 2. The actual bird 3. Someone's home address 4. a wedding shop 5. A photography place 6. an online bookstore 7. a winery 8. and building construction...

But the birds are pretty
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Those are interwsting choices too...I'll have to look into that


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Where all the white chicks at?!


There's no reason you can't also be an "albino" of some species of bird if you like the shape but not its natural plumage. Like a white eagle or hawk.

Ospreys, sea eagles, and swallowtail kites are 3 white birds of prey but they all have some black in them too.

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Albatross, NOT a seagul. But is a sea burdie. Some have white wings, some black, and some with white and black. And they are fuckimg huge.

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Albino flamingo? Albino bald eagle? Albino hawk? Albino chicken hawk?


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All good suggestions. I might consider Albinism if I like the wing shape

i'm mostly considering size, I'd prefer birds with naturally large wingspans like eagles or cranes rather than small ones like cockatoos or smaller bird species

The albatross might be good...though I thought they were much the same as seagulls.

Thanks for the suggestions!