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Anybody attending any cons?


New Member
I'm planning on going to Midwest Furfest. It will be my first out of state con and I am so excited yet nervous.
Nice. I'm going to be suiting as Lucario~ I haven't been to SacCon in awhile. I hope to go to it (it's pretty close compared to Fanime). If I have a license and a job by then I'd totally go.

If I see you I'll make sure to give you hugs:) Sadly I have no suit to go in, but I have three different cosplays I'm pretty excited about. If you end up going to sac, I'll have a table in artists alley and you can come buy things from me XD


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I'll be at Anthrocon this year and that'll be my first fur con. Megaplex is right down the road from me so I should be there too


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I go to too many cons...
To say the least, I have 5 cons planned, and I don't think any of them are in the same state XD

I'll likely go to Anthrocon again this year though as far as fur cons go. Otherwise, Anime Central, New York Comic Con, Sakura Matsuri, and maybe Otakon, woo!!