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anybody knows how to use oil pastels?


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Hello, I made this thread because I'd like to know if anyone here has used oil pastels, and could give me some tips on to how to work with them. I've currently tried to use them, though they always end up looking messy and unappealing.


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Pastels are fun. As lame as the advice is, just play with them and practice. Because of how they work and blend, you have to be careful what colors you use together. Sketch out your image in light pencil before you start and plan ahead what colors go where. You don't want to outline your work in dark shades like you would with other media. Use lighter and brighter colors first and layer darks over them last. Just like working with markers, you don't want to ruin your yellows by stroking over black. Or don't worry about outlining at all. Stick with monochrome shades to start out until you're comfy with the medium. The other thing to keep in mind is the quality and texture of your paper. Give yourself plenty of space on a larger canvas so you can play with the colors and technique. i recommend at least a 9x12 pad or better yet, an 18x12.