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Anybody play Runescape?


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First off I would like to apologize as I know there are probably a million threads like this, but I'm on break at work about to clock back in and was just hoping to meet some fellow RS furs.

So who plays RS? :3


Dack Remus Applewold
never played it how is it ?
It's a Free-to-play MMORPG.
When I last played, one could pay for a subscription and access areas and skills not available to free players. And free players weren't limited to twenty levels of character progression (like certain other Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). 'Course that was around a decade ago (2007, at least) as I understand, Jagex recently remade it


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jffry890 is mine, but I haven't played in a hot minute. OSRS mostly and Ultimate Ironman too.


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I'm currently playing Runescape 3 right now with about 4 other furs, we actually made a members clan and are looking for other furs to game with and join us. I'm PetZazu in world if you're interested; we play pretty much every day.


Used to, Runescape 3 was the last straw after their Evolution of Combat stuff. I play classic from time to time, trying to regain what I had in the original.


I played once and I didn't like it, Sure it was the best mmorpg in the universe, in 2001.
Now it's just too old, from the graphics to the gameplay.
If you want to play a good mmorpg I suggest you... NOTHING!

Every mmorpg is boring, go kill 10 monsters, collect 5 flowers, talk to this person, and repeat till you reach the highest level in the game and then you do dungeons, over and over and over again.


The Autistic Otter
i play, go by the name of Hulk Soldier, cb lvl 87/total of about 1.3k i think, will eventually renew my membership but for now it remains an f2p account.


Its been so long since i played the thing, i still remember my name and password, but i feel i wouldnt get far... as friends would literally get into my game, so i felt the need to put a PIN on my bank....which i no longer remember

Sergei Nóhomo

Spicey Memes
Ayy I'm playing it as we speak



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I *might* play with other furrys only.. I agree COE broke it for meh back in the day, maybe FAF will bring me back.


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Awesome =o Well I added those of you who play. For those of you who don't currently play but want to, just hmu with your display names so I can add you if you join.


Hare Boi
I used to play but a while back Jagex decided to extort people who had bans on record if they ever wanted to access their account. So I have to pay 70 bucks if I want to use my account ever again. Rest in peace 2006 character.


The toaster is laughing at me.
Once upon a time, then I played it again. Might consider it if there's a following of people ^^


The toaster is laughing at me.
I'll have to double check as I changed my username a while back. I'll take a gander later today ^^


The toaster is laughing at me.
Well, turns out RS changed a bit, having to download both the client and recover my account XD