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Anyfur plays Portal 2?


I played finished portal 2 several weeks ago. The single player was way too easy in my opinion, but other than that it was an amazing game. The co-op was also very well done.

Wish I had bought it from steam instead of using my brother's x-box copy. I wanted to make some uber hard tests. :(
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That is all.



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Such an awesome game I love space core he's awesome.

If you want an awesome screensaver I found this.



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Before it's said, no, this username isn't a reference to portal 2. :p if it is, I somehow managed to peer about eight years into the future.


Reaaaally great game. Though it was much darker than the first. Probably because of the weird but awesome off key music...
None of the less I love it

Dr. Durr

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I'm at the part with Old Aperture, and I am completely stumped by the second Repulsion Gel chamber.

Dr. Durr

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I'm trying to visualize which level you're on... did you get outside the chamber yet?

I believe it's the one where Cave says there might be time travel might be involved.