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Anyone able to draw a fursona without reference?

The Llamakiin

New Member
Hey! So, I'm like, just now getting into the whole furry fandom. And my issue is, I can't draw anything other than My Little Pony characters. It would reeeally help me out if anyone would be willing to try and sketch out what I kind of have planned for a fursona! I can't really draw yours in return, but if you're interested in a drawing of a my little pony character... :D Lol, so yeah, if you're willing to maybe sketch out something and get a drawing of a MLP character in return, send me a PM and I'll tell you about what I'm thinking of! Thanks!~
Also, labeling this as a request because I don't know how many people on FA are looking for a my little pony drawing.

Reference of art is [here]
i really hope this is the right forum for this. x_x