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Anyone else an Avid Fursuiter?


Here is the place to share photos of your suits and share you "outside of the cons" experiences with them for avid fursuits generally find any excuse to wear their suits :)

um yeah, i have multipul suits, all i have made myslef:
polar bear
redfox (for my niece)
wolf (for my sister)
AND i have cosplay fursuits of ryo-oki and ken-oki, kilala, wolf link and totoro.
i also had 3 suits in the past that got totally re-made or destroyed (they were CRAP)
and i'm gonna make a goat for my friend that i can take the horns off of and put antlers on for a x-mas reigndeer.
and i am gonna make a cattle dog for my sister

not only do i have many suits
i suit whenever i can find an excuse (assuming the weather is cool enough)

such as attending a cat adoption event in my cat suit (i voluntter for thr rescuse so they know who i was)

going to the "family fun dog show" at a local park in a suit of my dog (won master mutt look alike) as well as the "howl-oween october fest" (won master mut look alike too) and once more for the pestsmart dog costume contest


and i randomly went down the elemenatry school down the road to pop in on their "santa pancake breakfast" i used to go to that school and now my niece goes there. what was odd is they some how figured out iwas her aunt! i told no one and did not see my niece there. people also thought i was with the book fiar that was there that day cause there logo was a polar bear


a teacher invited me to come in costume recently (carrer and life development class, she wanted me to "share my passion")
i dragged my sis and a friend with me

and halloween is my best friend!! i go everywhere on Halloween

so is any one esle out there as nuts about fursuits as i am? or am i just nuts! (i don't care if you think i am crazy, my fursuit exbiditions have been really fun, not just for me but for those who see me too)

any one live in the sacramento area who would love to go out in costume with the tiniest excuse to do so?
i would love to be a fursuiter but my finances are kinda wacky right now. Also my mate (who is not a furry) said that he didn't know what he would do if I had a fursuit...he would probably get too weirded out and leave...

Lobo Roo

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The first thread was someone asking for a free fursuit. That's what it read like to me, anyways. So, yeah...didn't really see much there appealing.

As for suiting; I'd love to, but I can't afford a suit nor have the talent to make one. Someday though, I'll have one! For right now I'll just have to dream. :D


ya know i have been thinking i should start a "budget fursuit" option on my website, i mean i made one suit on a REALLY tight budget and time frame, it is still quite durable and looked great on film and more than decent in person. go to my gallery and look at the red fox suit it took 3 days to make and cost hardly anything.

if any one wants to commision a "budget suit" i'll offer a discount for the first one i make


well i've been making a fursuit for a while. budget has been the problem but i've been getting by building as the cash rolls in. here is a pic of my upcoming lion mask


here is the tail i already posted


here is me in my prototype suit i made out of tarps. hey they cost $1 for 2 meters whereas the cheapest real material is like 4/meter. good for a prototype and better patterning


and on the left is the chainmaille i spent all my money on



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I'd cause nothing but shenanigans if I had one.

So of coursed I'd like to have one. Maybe later on I'd take a look at making them, don't have the moneys at the current time.


Nice one there again Kitteh.

It's good to see home-made's, the commercial ones granted look good generally but sometimes they can seem a bit generic and 'Disney'. Plus they cost a lot more than home-mades.

If anyone's thinking of Home-mades on a budget I'd recommend a visit to one of TaniDaReal's websites, they've got to be some of the best around and they are very informative.



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Put simply, I would love to have a fursuit because the idea of putting one on, going out in public, and doing really silly stuff appeals to me. But alas, I simply don't have the finances or the know-how to get one. Maybe sometime down the road.


i only have so many suits cause i make them myself (that and the white body gets switched with multipul heads and tails)
still the cost of fake fur!!! ugg the quality stuff is always over $20 (usally $40 and some times over $60!)

i like home made suits too, i think it is FAR more rewarding to wear your own creation rather than one you bought. it makes you all warm a fuzzy when the suit gets complimented :}
they are walking art and best when worn by their creator.