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Anyone else collect books?


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When my former university was selling old books to make room in the Library, I managed to snag a rather decent and illustrated copy of the The Rubaiyat (which I promptly gifted to my eldest sister). There were a couple other books I snagged, but I had classes throughout the majority of the library's time and traffic delayed my arrival so I didn't grab as many as I'd have liked (IIRC, it's where I got my big fat John Keats biographical book).

The majority of my collection of books is more PnP related (more obvious stuff like D&D and 40K RPG sourcebooks, but also things like the Tales of Alethrion RPG and I'm waiting for my Kickstarter hard copy of Lancer too), but I do have a rather reaching selection of works. Aforementioned 1491 and 1493 (both currently with same eldest sister in case any of the nieces or nephews show interest as they go into High School); Guns, Germs, and Steel; Volumes 1 and 2 of Romer's A History of Ancient Egypt; and a couple other assorted history books. The whole Tolkien Lord of the Rings trilogy plus The Hobbit (use to include The Silmarillion, but it was lost to fire damage about half a decade ago); a bunch of Black Library books; aforementioned Hyperion Cantos; and some Ultimecia Guides to name a few fictional things. Also a few comics like Abe Sapien and Ulli & Marquand.
Personally, I don’t, my grandmother has a lot of books, I also have a lot of books in my house outside the city, in many respects these are books from Soviet times. But it has accumulated rather than gathered.


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My parents collect books. Operative word is collect. Not read.

This reminds me that on some or other interior design site, I actually saw that you could buy fake books...such that at least it would look like you had books about :p


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I'm not quite the book collector yet, but I have plans to begin collecting the I Spy books. There's quite a lot and I just love how they look, I can't help but put it along with some of the other things I collect such as coins and bottle caps.

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Nope, only bad looks and attitude. Maybe I can find a book that can tell me how to avoid all of that. XD


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So I firmly believe that a library is one of the greatest treasures you can ever own, and I especially like to collect books that spark imagination, curiosity, and a general sense of wonder and delight. I have books on plants that make booze, how to raise unicorns, and pop up stories about cities of animals. I LOVE BOOKS!!!

Right now I'm reading Space Opera by Vicente, and it is a TRIP.

I am really obsessed with Richard Scarry and Dr. Seuss books, and a plethora of other pleasant children's book authors. The art has a LOT for me to learn from! And speaking of art- I'm also looking to collect Graeme Base and James Gurney kinds of books!


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I used to really horde books but have managed to trim down my library quite a bit over the last few years. I still have quite a few books, though.

I don't have a lot of fiction books on hand, it's mainly things about gardening/farming, psychology, spirituality, poetry, and how-to stuff.

My prized books are a number of very old books I've managed to collect. One is a leather-bound German-English Bible from 1851 that I rescued from a dumpster. Another is a geography book from the late 1800s that my grandma used to teach from in the 1930s.


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I loooove collecting art books! I've spent so much money on them OTL;; I think my favourites are probably some of my 80's anime artist ones and some hard to find zines.. My goal is to have my own library one day ^.^
I also have photoalbums of art I've recieved but ig that's different LOL

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I used to collect books. I read every one of them. I collected none for their value on the open market and most of them were paperbacks. At one time I had over 350 titles. That was long ago. I don't collect anything anymore. I enjoy a very minimalist lifestyle; one that allows me to move or relocate with minimal effort. Stuff ties one down and can cause undue stress. If one doesn't possess something, one can't worry that it might get stolen, damaged or destroyed.

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Oh! I have a 1st Edition of Modern Science by Leo Tolstoy!


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I have some books, some other artbooks as well like a Ghostbusters movie encyclopedia and a Supernatural's guide (the TV show). But what I do collect are comic books, I love Spider-Man and have a lot from him. I started collecting the first run from the 60s, the one by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. My most precious item of them all is a CGC 8.0 Amazing Spider-Man #50, signed by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.