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Anyone Else Enjoy Playing Breeding Sims??

(Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum, I figured sims = online games.)

And by breeding sims I mean sites like Wajas, Khimeros, FelisFire, etc,.
I just recently started playing FelisFire and I kinda like it.

(If you're interested in joining just click the link
http://www.felisfire.com/?ref=4736 )

But anyways, if you do enjoy playing breeding sims like I do why not talk about why, or why don't we like them.
And hey, why not share ID numbers and what not? :3
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Haha I typed in felisfire.com instead of clicking your link. Take that!

Also I'll be interested in a breeding sim if it involves dragons. And you're doing the breeding personally. Oh murr.


Impractical Fantasy Animal
I love breeding sims but I prefer the kinds like Plant Tycoon, Fish Tycoon, Pocket Frogs, Celebrity Pedigree, and that sort of thing to the multiplayer ones where there's no goal to the breeding and very little gameplay.

I worked on an Anthro Breeder game for several months but it stalled out due to lack of a vector artist.