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Anyone else hate furries?

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Why don't you hate yourself off a cliff?

I don't understand how someone deserves to be 'hated' because they are 'overly friendly' or 'fap to weird fetishes all day.' Isn't that their business what makes their penis do the voodoo daddy and not yours to judge?

Maybe you should learn to be more tolerant of things that aren't really a big deal at all. If you want to 'hate' a type of furry hate the dog humpers.

The last part just contradicted your entire post. Seriously, what the hell, man.

I mean really, why would an animal wanna fuck a human?

I've seen dogs fuck humans, rather than the other way around.
The parts I hate of the fandom are the rare-to-find zoophiles (And I trolled them off of FA for the sake of our sanity...They were all like 30 year old men. what the fuck), the dramawhores, and most babyfurs (People like Bodolf are ok babyfurs, but the shitty idiots who WON'T SHUT UP like "babysonicthehedgehog" need to get out...Reason why i'm banned for...NINE YEARS. notevenkidding.)



SOME PEOPLE ARE DICKS! "Some dicks are people!" has yet to be investigated

I don't like furries, but I don't hate them either. I generally dislike them and their actions, but it doesn't worth hatred.
I don't hate anybody, it just isn't within my being to hate people. That being said, I have people that I really wish would just shut the fuck up and leave me alone or that I wish would simply cease to exist in my little bubble of existence. One of my roommates from last semester comes to mind. I have yet to meet anyone in the fandom that would fall under that category though... but we'll see where that goes.


You posted a thread titled "Anyone else hate furries?" on a furry forum.
You do realize how ridiculous you look right now?


"toxic and negative"
Hating all furries so much you practically froth at the mouth when anything furry is mentioned is so done.
I prefer having complete apathy and not really needing to rant, you've probably never heard about it =V

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But furries have MORE flaws than most other things do. Don't get me wrong, I love my fursona and stuff, and don't mind what the fandom is meant to be, but it's just the people in it that bother the fuck out of me. Including you now that you accused me of trolling. D: I wasn't even trying to, so don't start that. But apparently everyone thinks I am because they seem to be ignoring this thread. I was asking an honest, sincere question.

I seen people not in the fandom have more flaws than we do. Tho I seen some in it thats just horrible.
I do agree with some here, this is not funny and you came about it the wrong way.

For the most part I love the fandom, but I seen it and known about it longer than most on here has been alive.
I do agree not all of it is great, but no other kind of fandom out there is any better or worse.

Don't really know you much or hate you, just came at this the wrong way.


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Responding directly to the title: of course not, I mean, look what site I'm posting on right now.
The problem with this thread is the thread title.
There's probably tons of furries who I'd love to hate, but I try to avoid that crowd as best as possible. So the answer to your question is both yes and no, because the question itself is vague.


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I don't hate furries.
Though honestly I do harbor a lot of self-loathing.


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oh boy, Don't start with the "4chan/troll defense team"


This forum and its inhabitants are an oasis of sanity in a desert of retardation and depravity. The Fandom isn't inherently terrible, just a portion of its members


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Hmm, I don't hate the fandom, that's cool and all. It's just the people in it.
They tend to disappoint.

Also, guys, please speak for yourself. Don't go "We think you're stupid for saying X" on the OP, and stuff like that.
I'd like to decide for myself who I think is stupid.


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O hai thar. No, I like those furries! :D Lol. The whole "I hate ALL furries" thing is a bit exaggerated, I admit. But just look at the stereotypes I listed. Just. look. at. them. How would they be non-hatable? It's so easy to dislike a lot of them.

Everyone here hates furries who are immature fuckwads and can't tell that the world doesn't revolve around them, and that every little flaw they have should be nurtured by the community, as if this entire thing is just one shoulder to cry your bitchy little tears into.

The fandom is not an excuse for your anti-social, fucked up behavior.
The fandom is not there to nurture you if you behave like a little bitch.
The fandom is not a movement to help you further your own selfish goals.
The fandom is a fucking hobby.
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