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Anyone else just hate life?


Yep, most of the time I do. I don't have much that brings me joy. I'm trying to better appreciate the small little joys I can get, like the cuddling of my cats, the smell of fresh air (especially after rain), the sound of a good song, the taste of a good food, a small laugh here and there. Thing is, as much as I hate life, I also know it can't get better if I just quit. I have tried to quit multiple times when I thought it couldn't get better. Fortunately or unfortunately, however you see it, I failed at those attempts and I'm here attempting to make the most of what little I have or waiting for the next big fuck-up to force me into another try. Time will tell I suppose.
I did for a long time.
Took a lot of work to get to the other side of that. For me, it was giving up on unhealthy relationships, forgiving my past mistakes, and redesigning the expectations I had of myself and my life. In short, I cared way too much about the wrong things, and not nearly enough about the right things. Figuring out that distinction is what really saved me. I'm generally happier now, and have found better coping mechanisms when the pit I used to be in tries to pull me back in.

Hope you can get the help and support you need to get out too. Not a great time for it with the state of the world, but you can reach out on BetterHelp or 7 Cups. Or hit me up. I'm a good listener.

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It's full of Tl;drs, but in short: Yes, I hate it.

Physically, I'm not an old wise person, as the age is almost always being mentioned talking about life. But I'm more than proud to say that I've seen and done everything, if you exclude illegal stuff.

I have archieved everything possible (or maybe further) within my limits and have lost all I have archived, and repeated the same pattern with different components for my whole not-so-long life. They have changed my personality multiple times and now I don't even know myself. I used to be religious, but now I'm not. I feel like being toyed. The only thing left is either going even wilder (maybe test the limit of law) or just to leave the world (aka. death). For now I don't have specific determination or precise plans for either paths, or I'm lazy just for now.

I'm still alive, but I don't feel alive. And since I'm alive, I'm being challenged to higher walls with various but the same patterns, which I'm sick of. At least I'm not harming any third-parties so that's great enough.

I have 7 or 6 lives left now, death was beside me ever since my birth, haha. Sorry if it wasn't funny.

Edit: Those life consultants keep telling you dos and don'ts without any working logics, just as if they haven't experienced and/or don't even know the feelings the targets suffer from. They must only put those who actually have overcome these feelings and stuff to work, which I think is impossible, hah. Guess I'm not one of their stereotypical targets? I'm done with consultants, such a waste of time and money.

Edit 2: I love telling stories, ask me if you want more. And be prepared not to be depressed or anything if so. I don't wanna take other lives away with me. Anyways, there are tons that I can't even completely categorize. Oh, and feel free to know more if you got 9 lives like I did! :p
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My life sucks. But that's all on me. I've made a lifetime of bad decisions. I have no friends and I've alienated my family. One day they'll find my skeleton in my lazy boy with the skeleton of my dog by my side.


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No, I have nothing but fun and fascination for it, and a drive to explore and enjoy it all playfully usually.


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Yeah, I do. Sometimes, I just wish I could curl up and let the world just go away.

But! I can't do that! Because my life won't get better if I do nothing about it...

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Nah, I don't hate it. I'm just indifferent to it.

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Life is so tiresome
My life sucks. But that's all on me. I've made a lifetime of bad decisions. I have no friends and I've alienated my family. One day they'll find my skeleton in my lazy boy with the skeleton of my dog by my side.
Dang man that hits me where I live. If it weren't for furry porn, I'd end my life right now. But you gotta live for something I guess.