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Anyone else make music playlists for their characters?


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I tend to make playlists for each of my characters once their personalities are well-enough defined. When I used to play on Neopets.com, a lot of people did this and I discovered some of my favorite music TO THIS DAY that way. I miss it a lot.

So please post em if ya got em! A pic of your character and then the music you associate with them.

Here's mine for my sheep character, Annie:

For Annie - YouTube

Some of my favorites on it:

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I'll admit, my youtube playlists are filled with old OCs music.


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I don't really make them for individual characters, although unofficially I do know the sort of music each character likes to listen to, but I make atmosphere playlists.
-Writing for cozy and familiar
-Beginning of a story instrumentals
-Leather jackets and red lips
-Dance songs (or fun songs to murder to)
being among them. I play them depending on what I am writing or drawing.

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My characters exist in a fictitious 1930s period setting, so a lot of music I associate with them reflects the era. My main OC, Shane, is a twenty-something year old US Army Air Corps combat pilot and spy/saboteur who battles air pirates and encounters Nazi agents in exotic and dangerous Caribbean and South American locales. It's a little bit like Talespin crossed with the original Indiana Jones Trilogy and the movie Casablanca, with themes inspired by 1930s adventure films and pulp comics.

There's a lot of different music that could convey a sense of Shane; it would vary with different moods and situations. One "playlist" for him would represent the relaxed, fun-loving, devil-may-care aspect of his personality, and that would look something like this:

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Sometimes, I make playlists for them. But I'd much rather take advantage of this keyboard and make a song for them. I did so with one of these characters I made, but titled the song Dystopia's Embrace.

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I thought of it, but never got around to doing it.