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Anyone else on here makes music?

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Resin & traditional artist & musician :3
You're definitely right! just being able to say you created something from scratch is a reward in itself!
True dat ^-^


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My friends says that im pretty talented, but my parents says that my music is very depressive, and that i should write something happy. but i cant eheheh(


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I been dabbling off-and-on again with the "beeps-and-boops" following the "ka-ching-ka-chow-slide-whistle-explosion!!-fart-soundfx" that can be made into a 1 - 7 min noise pollution.

Made an ASMR/Ambient hybrid album, what, 4 years ago that I enjoyed doing.

I like throwing random sounds together and sliding them into different areas of Audacity, I don't have any musical talent though, but relating to this topic.. I guess throwing random sounds together qualifies as something music-related even though what I make isn't really music lol

Took a 3 year hiatus because lost interest in it for a long time. I might throw another crappy album out there in the future again, no time on completion of it nor what it will be, but it will happen lol


I used to try piano but I was pretty bad at it, even though I could only play 4 songs but mess up mid-way through every time. I can't read sheet music anymore, because I get lost focusing on both keys and sheets so I figuratively and emotionally tossed any talent I had relating to music out the window and watched as buzzards pecked at it. Tee-hee.

So asking me if I "Made Music" I will respond with "No, I make noise not music". =P

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I make random crap partially inspired by traditional Eastern (mostly Indian) styles.


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Music is a HUGE part of who I am!

I recently did my grade 8 on the flute, and I do a little piano and singing here and there. I love to just pick up my flute and play a bunch of underrated game soundtracks.

My favourite part of music is the composing though. It doesn't come naturally to many, but I can somehow just do it. Usually, at least.

I have the beginnings of an electro album on SoundCloud if you wanted to check it out:

(Sorry, you'll have to copy URL)

I also posted one of my GCSE compositions, which is a piano duet in a kind of neo-classical style. Kind of. Thing. I like it.


Im a guitarist, writing sorta progressive music. Rock and Metal-ish though.
Can't live without music. Or touching an Instrument. Been part of my life for 6 years now, cant think of living without anymore. :)


I make short little Tracks in Bosca Ceoil(Which is an okay Music Program). Then I upload them to FurAffinity. I'm thinking of getting FL Studio though.


I did have an old Account on FurAffinity.net. On that Account, I uploaded Music that was made in BoscaCeoil. It wasn't great though.

I do have a Copy of FL Studio that is currently being delivered. I should be seeing it soon. Then once I've made a Track that I find good, I may upload it.


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Heavy metal guitarist here!

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I also fart in different pitches and tones, surely that's music.

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When I was like 12 I went on club penguin and did a music making game on there. I went 4 days thinking I was an epic DJ penguin


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Maybe i'm not very good at it though, but i enjoy creating some tracks on FL Studio for fun sometimes.
I've been into that for three years now and i've improved a lot, but i actually never took the time to practice or something so i'm still not being great at it (?