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Anyone else play DDR/SM?


Come on I know some of you gotta play too, I used to think all furries did lol.
The top link is me playing Max 300 on heavy, a moderately difficult song
The bottom link is My Half by venetian snares on SM which if you dont know is basically DDR on the keyboard and the difficulty x 1000

NOTE: If the links dont work yet, give it a bit Im not experienced with youtube lol.
If youre better than me at either please tell meh your achievements cause I love hearing about pros.

Max 300- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpDqdwGHDC4
You get to see mah face too :3

Hy half- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCwGzonWLls


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I haven't played DDR for a while

Did you download it for the PC or something too?


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I play both on occassion, it's fun. I'd play DDR more often but I look like a complete idiot on the dance pad.

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I watched a friend of mine try The Flight of the Bumblebee on DDR.

Crazy-ass footwork right there, but he couldn't do the highest difficulty.

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Don't worry, I'm a doctor.
Wtf? Was that DDR or ITG? Because I play DDR a lot and Ive never seen flight of the bumblebee on any of them.

ITG: I don't know what that is.

I don't know how he got it on there, but there was classical music, maybe he pulled it from a website, he was pretty good with computers.


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dang, mad skills in action right there. I like DDR but i seldom get a chnce to play it. It was fun to play on at Califur.


I play stepmaina on my PC sometimes. But unlike some people I actually own a Dance pad I can use with my PC but most of the time I use my Keyboard because a lot of SMs I have are ungodly stupid on heavy. Also its not hard to set up its actually easy.
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I recently purchased DDR for the Wii. Its tons of fun and gets me tons of steps on my Poke walker.


I'm sooo terrible at DDR. I tried playing it once, and I was so bad that I nearly cried.

Back to GH for me. ;)
Wow, that was crazy o_O

I can play max 300 on standard, but no way on heavy lol
I think I'll just stick to Guitar Hero