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Anyone else turn their drawings upside down to see if something looks good?


I know it's really common in digital art to flip horizontally, and I've done that a lot, but turning a drawing upside down really seems bring everything out of it.

I swear my eyes start to lie and deceive me when I'm drawing. I'll change something that seems off to something I think looks better and it still seems off... until I turn it upside down. Suddenly, the whole thing looks 10x better and it's like that little change I made didn't really even matter. Often that off feeling returns the moment I turn it back. It makes me feel like I can't fully trust my eyes or at least my first impression of something... which makes complete sense now that I type it out.

It seems like the longer I look at a drawing, the more my brain starts to pick at every possible little thing it might see as a flaw until the whole piece seems off.


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I don't do it often but yes it happened. I stopped when I saw that my brain is not that good with it. It's great for working on shapes and trying to find some abstraction in a drawing though :)
It's just that for example, a smile and eyes won't look strange at first upside down even if they are wrong XD


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Usually artists will flip images from left to right or vice versa. This causes your brain to see things about your drawing you weren't seeing before. Flipping it upside down can do the same but it's not as easy to correct mistakes/make alterations that way.


I'd love to learn how you make those pictures that change based on their angle. I'd redo my first artwork...