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Anyone from SouthEastAsia


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Anyone here from SouthEastAsia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore,etc)? I feel like the only furry in Indonesia.


petit trou du luke
I watched of singapoor or hong kong maybe? was awful living condition , if you are poor, you have a little chance tolive decenly, I hope you are not becauseit was hearbreaking.


petit trou du luke
they don't know what they miss.

and I don't speak about the nsfw , just the hobbie to be furry.

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
Hey I'm from Malaysia! It's kinda sad that furry fandom is almost non-existent in this region.
What are you talking about? I've come across some Malaysian furries. In fact.. I've had a crush on a guy named Tan from Kulim. Hot stuff he is


Wow! Greetings to our east/southeast asian furs! I hope more come forth and join this thread :3


does anyone know if it's non existent about arab country too?
There was a furry from Saudi Arabia on this forum, but he doesn't seem to post much anymore.

Surely there must be a few other furries in that region as well, although I would imagine it's hard for them to connect with each other.


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