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Anyone good at making creature plushies?


Hey all!

I'm toying with the idea of doing some kinda of art trade- my art in exchange for a plush. I'm not definite on doing it yet because I can make my own plushes, but... I would so love to have something someone else made!

I was thinking of having this creature/character (not mine, it is from a game, I will do good turnaround sketch of her for reference though since this screenshot kinda sucks): [link]

Figured I'd put this out there now, but I'm not really looking for a felt plush (sorry, I can't stand to touch felt xD) Anything short and soft will do, so long as the seams are tight, it's all good. I squish plushies alot xD

Welp, I guess linking to my art might help too xD Here is my gallery: [link]

If you don't feel like clicking links, I'll stick a few images here quick (most Ratchet and Clank stuff currently since I'm doing a big project for it):




I would definitely consider doing multiple high quality pictures for a good quality and/or larger plush! ;P

To sum it up- I can offer animation, paintings, drawings, whatever. Just no pixel art. Trust me when I say, I'm terrible with pixel art