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Anyone have to hide their fur side?


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I guess I should share my actual experience on this matter. Back before I moved out, I lived in Utah for a year. That year, they had their first furcon. I had absolutely no interest in it because I hate being around groups of unknown people, especially when I had no one to go with. However, my mother caught word of it. She asked me if I wanted to go to my shock.

Where in Utah, if you don't mind my asking?

My ex- is from American Fork.


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Where in Utah, if you don't mind my asking?

My ex- is from American Fork.
It was in Salt Lake City. It was called Unthrocon, now i believe it's called Furry Unlocked.

As for where I lived, if that's what you're asking, it was Clinton.

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Yes...well, kind of. It's not a matter of me hiding it (though I am intentionally hiding it from my parents), it's just a matter of me not having any other furries to talk to IRL.
Yeah, that's different. ABDL =/= furry, even though there are a lot of cubs.

That's on a different level though, it isn't something I'd just bring up at dinner.

I explained the concept to my family when they came to visit, but I was intentionally fucking with them :V

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We all know about that terrible episode on CSI or at least we watched some clips on YouTube at makes us want to hide our furry selfs but with the furry fandom a show like CSI is just a little dint in the fandom for us and we keep on going no matter what.

Although with the ABDL and some of you babyfurs and diaperfurs may know about it that terrible CSI did a episode where they was trying to capture a gosh I dislike this word pedofile and they got into his room and he was not there lol! But they found big adult baby furniture in there from cribs to cots and mobiles and possably even diapers.

With the ABDL community that is a big shattering blast in the fandom and it makes everyone think we are all pedofiles which we are not. Infact the ABDL community and even the babyfurs and diaperfurs do not look kindly on those people. This is why the ABDL fandom hide themselfs thanks alot CSI and other programs at put us down!

Although people who do troll us babyfurs and diaperfurs and ABDL's makes me think.
Who are the real babies here ;)


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My 'furry side' doesn't really show in real life, unless I was presented with the task of drawing them or something along the lines of that in which I'd show a lot of enthusiasm, but a lot of people in my school are those stereotypical internet meme sharing trolls and what not in which would be familiar with the stigma that furries have, so it's probably best not for me to flaunt it :p


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I live with my mother as her caretaker and have to keep a lot of my personal life a secret. She has no idea I am a furry, and not too long ago mentioned how my cousin and her family were calling me a furry pedophile a few years ago (Before I even realized I was into the furry lifestyle..) and asked if I even knew what a furry was. I said I did, but that the cousins were just making up rumors again (Which they are, about the pedophile part of course) Anyways, my mother doesnt even approve of my religion (Wicca) And makes snide comments about it, and anytime I stick up for myself she tries to kick me out of her house so Ill be homeless. So I cant even imagine what she will do if she found out of my lifestyle.. Would not be a pretty argument.

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I have this problem too, I don't tell anyone simply because I can't be bothered with the drama. Only friends i've met over the internet know im a furry


"Anyone else have this problem?" I don't. I was a Furry way before I ever heard there was a fandom. My parents already knew what I liked, and it was quite common for them to be giving me all sorts of animal figurines and other animal themed items.

I don't go out of my way to advertise it, well, not usually anyway. I don't conceal it either.

"We all know about that terrible episode on CSI or at least we watched some clips on YouTube at makes us want to hide our furry selfs but with the furry fandom a show like CSI is just a little dint in the fandom for us and we keep on going no matter what".

THE CSI episode was far from terrible. I have a lot of problems with it, but nothing furry-related. One thing was the glaring contradiction concerning when the accident happened. One scene says in the early morning hours just before sunrise. Another says the very early evening. Can't be both.

Aside from that, it was one long infomercial for the fandom. While watching it on the evening it premiered, I kept saying to myself: "Let this be for real... Let this be for real...". Entered "furries" in the Google search window even before CSI ended, checked out some sites, discovered I was living in a Furry "ground zero", and three days later got my first invite to a local furmeet. Before that, the only meaning I attached to "furry" was a reference as to what covers the exteriors of most mammals.


I'm open about liking these types of characters, but I rarely refer to them as furries or talk about the fandom. The potential for misunderstanding and drama isn't worth the risk, in my opinion.


Like, kinda? Most of my friends know, and I've had a couple react really negatively to it, which bummed me out, but the solution to that was just...to kinda distance myself from those people. Like Beetblood said, it's just an interest to me, and if something so relatively trivial bothers you on a guttural level like that, then we probably have no business being friends.

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It's safe to say I follow a "Dont Ask, Don't Tell" policy when referencing the fandom. If someone doesn't ask, I won't go out of my way to tell them about furries. I've lost a few dates with non-furs (understandably) by mentioning furries. Either way, life goes on.


I do tend to hide the 'furry' side when I feel out of place or are in 'bad' company. Conflict is not my forte I'd like to avoid it and people tend to feel really strongly about some really stupid things. I like to let them carry on in their ignorance, it's blissful for me.


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My mother loves my paintings, crafts, etc. I've recently started doing commissions (hurrah!) and she asks what they are of. Aaaand I cannot tell her that I'm drawing fetish fur art. That is a discussion I am not willing to have lol


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I don't talk about it with parents. Obviously I'd never bring it up at work.

With non-furry friends it comes up very rarely (but they know) and with furry friends, we're obviously on the same page. The issue I currently have is how furry to make my apartment... I'd love to put some posters up. Feels a bit dry and spartan. I'm more concerned about non-furry dates at this point. Guys would likely be okay with it but girls... less so. Might seem a bit too weird.


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I'm a high ranking officer. I don't have to worry about getting punished for choking my coworkers or hiding my lightsaber everytime I impale someone. :p


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I do have some drawings of my character pinned up in my room, but i keep it to myself from my parents and relatives (besides my brother).
But i am open about it to my friends, who are absolutely fine about it, we even joke about me being a fur faggot lol.


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One thing I've learned is that being worried about "coming out" as a furry is like you're saying you've "secretly been a hockey fan for years". There's no point in keeping it held in, especially since it's a hobby. Not like you're coming out as gay.