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Anyone here ever done falconry?


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So i had a falconry experience the other day and fucking loved every aspect of it. I've always liked birds of prey but they've always been outta reach, to see them up close like that and feed and fly them was incredible. Every been reading up on it every chance i get, hope to one day become a falconer myself :3


I've always wanted to. There's a wildlife refuge near me and the game warden keeps Red tailed hawks. I've watched them hunt before but I've never had an opportunity to get close.


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No, but it sounds interesting, and I'd love to try. You see falcons here often in Druid Hill Park, near the reservoir. Beautiful birds; a bit like a hawk, but stockier, almost owl-like, in ways.

Once, when I lived on a second floor flat, and had a patio garden, a dove made a nest in a potted hydrangea bush, and hatched out two eggs. When they were of a certain size, I left seeds out, and the same pair would keep coming back, usually together. It was curious to watch, and made me wonder about homing pigeons, and such.

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As far as I know, that is illegal here. It's a big shame since I'd love to try it. If at some point in my life I move to the UK, I'll definitely give it a try and see if I can't work with birds for a living.


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I have wanted to get into falconry for a long time. But there are way too many laws and restrictions here in the states, especially Ohio.


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I've always wanted to cause my favorite animal is a bird, however I've found that where I am that getting a licence and actually taking care of the bird is way too much work as well it could have negative environmental side effects in my area (I've actually got a book on falconry and everything seems like a lot more trouble than its worth). Though if you aspire to do so just know what risks you are taking going in, and try not to be stuck with a two year old falcon/hawk that you can't take care of, cause that'd just be sad


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Ive done it, I was using a giant ass eagle owl, IT WAS AWESOME, and they kind of smell like popcorn and chickens