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Anyone in the Washington Area?


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Would anyone be interested in a furry meetup? furthest I could go would be Olympia, to Tacoma (MAYBE), and possibly Portland? that's only when I get to go down that way though, I'm hoping to find someone closer to the Raymond Area, but if for some reason their aren't, would anyone be willing to travel down here? I know that's a lot to ask, and I'm sorry :(

Mystic Thunder

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I'm not gonna be free anytime in the immediate future, but I'm currently stationed at JBLM, WA (SeaTac area)... maybe when things calm down a bit schedule-wise?


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I live 23 minutes from Olympia. I'm a total introvert but maybe we could meet. Lol

Edit: On section thought, with Raymond being almost 1.5 hours away, and with no money to get to you, I don't think I'm worth the trouble for you to come here.

Good luck though!

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None of these. It's even worse, we're talking about Washington State.
There's no Washington city in Washington state???