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Anyone like their steaks rare?


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I prefer medium rare, a cooked and burnt steak is one of my pet peeves, I hate it. I want my steak with pink inside.


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I also like my steaks med rare, but would prefer to have it rare over dried out and burnt any day. My fiance's dad (a "master of the grill") only eats meat that is well done. So, I asked him to make my steak medium rare and he managed to leave me a sliver of pink in the middle. Even this was difficult for him to do. Sigh. I have relegated myself to having burnt meats while there. A small price to pay for love.


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I love steak and always order it rare. Nothing better for me really.
Then again I'm a blood type O and that's what we're originally supposed to eat so I guess it fits huh?
(Btw those who don't know, Type O blood originates from the hunter/gatherer era of human existence)


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I prefer medium or medium rare depending on the quality of the steak. But my parents always end up cooking it to well done and i have to struggle it tare thru it as it is so tuff.
If you cook a steak it is ruined. The rarer the steak the better. I love raw meat of all kinds. I don't want it to be cold though, it needs to be warm still from the animal. No seasonings either, they are not natural.


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o_O wow I'm a little frightened by all these vampires XD
I used to be a complete germaphobe and only eat well-done steak but now I'll eat medium -well or maybe just medium. I had some steak that was pretty rare at a fancy steak restaurant recently and the texture really grossed me out. I'm not really much of a carnivore, I prefer chicken ._.

Also, people... it's just a matter of taste kthx.


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I'm a vegetarian, so I can't say that I like my steak any way. :<

But I have found lots of cliche similarities between my fursona (which is feline) and myself. For instance, the only kind of meat I can stand to eat is fish. Every morning I stretch and arch my back like a cat before I'm fully awake (so it's something I do subconsciously). I knead my fingers and feet when I'm content, I sleep curled up in a ball, I bump my head or nuzzle my nose against things to show affection or greet people/animals I love, I have an affinity for licking my fingers clean rather than using a napkin, I love to be petted/stroked, etc. Maybe it's all in my head, but sometimes I wonder... c:


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I like it a little pink.
But I've had completely raw steak before, it's some special dish, it's lovely!
I wouldn't say it's animalistic, haha maybe it's my body trying to combat it's anemia lol


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I absolutly detest red meat... Chicken, frogs, snails, u name it, I eat that stuff. Red meat... no. And I've had my share of germs, intestinal worms and other invertebrates from university lectures to put me off anything uncooked properly.


i love rare. it's so juicy and awesome! i don't mean to sound like a psycho, but it might be the blood. 0.o i dunno, it just has a flavor that medium and well done don't.l
*licks lips*


No, my father like esting stuff medium rare; I like my steaks well-done, maybe with a little pink in the middle, but not much.


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i looooveee meat, however im not fond of getting a mouth full of dead blood, im fond of it running down my sexy lips however. I prefer chewy meat with lots of salt but slightly rare-medium rare is aight.


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i thrive off of meat.
as for stakes, usually I got for medium rare.
but my dad practically orders the cow to the table to carve onto his plate what he wants then lets the cow walk away. XP


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Rare steaks are one of life's little pleasures! I typically heat them up to a little bit above body temperature, then enjoy! Raw meat retains the flavor that is lost when the meat is cooked. Although I might order it medium rare if I have company. Most people are a little grossed out by someone eating raw meat.


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I myself don't like my steaks rare, but all of my friends do, they like them bleeding.....as a matter of fact, they always say the best resturant would be one where you could go out back and pick your cow :p....now that's FRESH :p


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This whole topic just reminds me of a meat market. That's how my family buys our meat now, with prices on things getting to be so expensive.

Door swings open, you see butchers with knives and huge cow carcasses. In the deli cases, huge chunks of beef and pork and chicken and other meats.

You chose your meat. *shivers* Thick steak is the best. That place was practically a joygasm just staring at all the meat that a person could buy.

That is, until I opened a cooler and saw a head staring at me. That was a downer. :)


cooked till its hot (which is about 95-100) and it has to have fat on it cause fat is the best part.