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Anyone live in Alaska?


If so, I'm planning a trip up there in a few months' time and well, I like the cold. I plan to land in Anchorage and well, I've always wanted to see stuff like the Northern Lights and such with the natural beauty up there. Alaska is a very curious place and I would like to visit, try the weird stuff with wild game dishes. Plus salmon because salmon is best fish.


Just a fox.
Ah! I love Alaska! I’ve been there twice on cruises and it is just so gorgeous. I went there for one time in the summer and I was surprised at how lush and flowery it was. The other time was fall, I think. Hearing the thunderous crack and watching the glaciers calve was amazing. But I never did get to see the lights and that is on my bucket list. We saw whales and bald eagles, though. I really also enjoyed learning about the Native Americans and seeing real totem poles was really neat. Take lots of pictures!! Man, I wish digital cameras were a thing back then.