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I've got an idea for a commission that I originally offered to arabesque, but she turned it down, because she felt she couldn't do the type of background I wanted. (You'll find out why in a sec.) She told me to bring it up over here on the forums.

I'd like it to be similar in spirit to this: liliy.deviantart.com: SHOUT IT OUT

It would feature my fursona (who's a male wolf, BTW): www.furaffinity.net: I've Got An Idea! by rocker234

www.furaffinity.net: Headshot Commission by Cliest by rocker234 www.furaffinity.net: My portrait by noir-x! by rocker234

He would be holding his heart with an outstretched arm and looking longingly/sadly at it, with a black background behind him.

On this background, would be numerous phrases, like: "Why am I so damn shy?!" "She won't like me!" "Am I big enough for her?" "She won't be into me!" "I've never had a date in my life!", etc.

If anyone wants to take me up on it, please respond or let me know!


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Closing this. This should be posted in the Art Sales and Auctions. Make sure you include your budget in the opening post.
Not open for further replies.