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Anyone out there learning a new language?


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Didn't you say that you speak Danish and Swedish too?
Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are pretty similar languages, so it's kiiinda a three-in-one package. Though being able to fully understand and utilize the languages? No.

If someone knows Danish, Swedish or Norwegian the chances of them understanding one another on a decent level is pretty high. :p


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English is my native language, but I'm fluent in French whenever I smash my finger with a hammer.:p *SMASH!* What the Cuss! o^*&$&^&!!!


I'm trying to learn French and I think I still have a loooong way to go. Reading is so much easier than listening to someone talk a different language.


I know it is a useless language but I've been trying to learn Celestial alphabet and the Enochian alphabet.

They are pretty fun but enochian is a pain to write


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I've been studying Portuguese regularly for about five months now, for my love of maned wolves. I've got a solid vocabulary and understanding of the grammar, and can read a lot fairly comfortably, but my writing and understanding of spoken Portuguese has a long way to go.

I also used to study Japanese, mostly out of interest in obscure video games. I like to think I was decently along in it, but I probably don't remember much.


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I am almost done with a German degree, and did an internship in Berlin last summer.
My family speaks some Japanese at home, and my dad currently lives in Japan, but I'm struggling to pick up the language. It's hard!
I also took three years of Spanish.

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I already speak french and english.
I plan on learning german to help me with my hotel receptionist career and maybe later do japanese.


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I've been studying Japanese for a year and a half. Just about to do my last semester of it in school and then I'm hoping to go over there for a semester.


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hmm my native language is Polish, I think my English is okay, maybe not best, but most of people understand me :p I used to learn spanish and I want to come back to it, because It's such a beautiful language :eek: and this year I started to learn chinese, it's a bit complicated but satisfying for me, at least in this point :3

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Holy fucc, I want to learn Finnish. It makes absolutely no sense to me, and I love how it sounds.