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Anyone planning on playing overwatch?


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I have been playing the beta and love it. It would be cool to play with some folks from the forum when the game comes out later this month. I play on PS4.

For anyone who has/wants to play the game, what are you thoughts so far?


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God I wish I could. I downloaded the open beta but my laptop is incapable of even starting it up, despite not being too old a laptop. I don't have the money to get a new laptop just to play, which sucks.

Though admittedly, I mostly wanted to play for Zarya... her design is... my kinda design.
Pretty cool beans so far, i love the variety in characters and their abilities. It really lets you choose who you're more comfortable with. Am going to play the crap out of it this weekend and buy it as a bday gift for myself later when I get my muns.


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Too busy with Battleborn* myself. Not to say I didn't find it fun and all, though. Overwatch's gameplay has been very fun. Very fast paced. I must admit that, as I was playing it, I felt it would get old pretty fast. That's just my opinion, though. I didn't like TF2 either. Just ain't my cup of tea, I guess?
All and all, despite what I just said, if the style looks nice to you and you know you like hero shooters, definitely get it. It'll be great for you. Blizzard put so much damn polish on the game it's ridiculous.

Also, those animations are amazing, my god.

*Please note that I am not actually comparing the two. I do not feel they compare well as they are very different. I am merely saying i already have a game to waste my life away with.


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I played the game at a friend's house, and now I wish I had s PS4 to play it. The characters which I was able to play was McCree, Reaper, Mei and Roadhog (if memory serves well) nd I enjoyed all of the characters playstyles no matte what I did. It's a good game you can passively play or really get into the lore behind, it's an awesome game.


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I played the beta for a few hours and I did enjoy the game, though I'm a bit bummed that it won't have a single player campaign or something similar. All of the heroes are fun to use, though I do have more fun with the aggressive ones.

Wanted to get it for PC but my laptop can't run it, so if I do end up getting it, it'll be on the Xbox One.


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Maybe, I love the designs and how it reminds me of S4league on a good day. The thing is I would love to play with my brothers from a town over. After this week I might have some more free time to play something fun.

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I didn't actually have much hype for it but my friend pestered me to get the beta and i played it and loved every second of it. I'll definitely be getting it when it comes out