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Anyone remember Gran Turismo license tests?

You've done them, and maybe you hate them.

There's something about them though and chasing those gold times that may not seem made for mere mortals. I remember playing GT2 on my Playstation back in the day and just couldn't wrap my head around the times, and even as an adult now, some of them are way harder than they should be, but it's also kinda the charm of it. Shameless plug here I suppose but I just threw together a compilation of gold times when playing through GT4 license tests for the first time ever on stream not long ago:

GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4 or 5 I don't know which one have the toughest to beat. Personally I've only really experienced the tests from second up to fourth. But does any mad lads or lasses on here have fond, or not very fond memories of these tests?