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Request: Anyone up to draw spirits?


8 foot fluffbutt
Hey y’all! I’m wondering if I could find an artist to draw my sona and his buddies.
Tyrro: Main ref ibb.co: Tyrro

He’s a wyvolf. Half wyvern, and half wolf. He’s 8 feet tall and despite his height, is pretty tame and friendly. Tyrro is basically a variant of a spirit medium, allowing the spirits of the dead, or wandering spirits to possess his body. When this happens, minor changes will be present in his body structure.
Example: Vexor ibb.co: 23724-F9-C-6-A8-A-4412-A891-5-E9010-BA95-FA
Now I have a request from you all. Can someone draw a more drastic transformation between Tyrro and his bud Vex? (Hopefully anthro if you can)