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Anyone wanna try something stupid? (Good links inside, I promise!)


Just another
Okay, this is a request. But nobody's gotta fill it if they don't wanna. It's just if anyone wants to try practicing expressions, I suppose (Also ferals?)

So I've got a derpy-faced dog. You might've seen her on some of the "37 Perfectly timed shots that will BLOW YOU AWAY" or etc.

Here's an album! (Even if you don't do this, click here! You'll get a laugh out of it, I'm sure! http://imgur.com/a/V7ALw)

Point is, does anyone wanna have a go at drawing her? I'm sure she'll appreciate it! (Perhaps I'll print it and attach it to her collar for you to see!)

(And I'm not sure how relevant this'll be now since the date's wrong, but in case you were suspicious: http://imgur.com/Ze1xHU4)

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
Here's my attempt,enjoy.