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Anyone want a quick sketch?


Hey guys! Just popping in for an update.
I haven't abandoned the thread, but I do work both days this weekend.
Expect some stuff to be uploaded on Monday. :)

Thanks for all the responses!


I'm thinking of doing some cheap sketch commissions, but I need examples. :)
Post your ref sheets, and I'll see what I can do.
If you do not have a ref sheet, I will not be doing yours. Sorry, I don't want to be going off of text descriptions for these ones.

NOT first come first serve, but I'll PM you if I got yours done.

These most likely will not be colored, but you can feel free to color them yourself if you'd like.

Rex's: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3753454/
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Ferral Caine

Dog Day Afternoon
hi ^ ^
maybe you'd like Rex, in my sig? He's a GSD
Star is my horse character though, if you'd like him better.


OoOo.. .I'll certainly have a look. What does GSD stand for? German Shepherd Dog, or.. something else? Forgive my ignorance. XD

Ferral Caine

Dog Day Afternoon
yep, german shepherd dog ^ ^
dont worry, i didnt know that till like this year anyways and their my favourite animal haha.

and sweet, he likes to dress/act like a cowboy too >w<


I have to get going for a bit. Sorry I could only do one right now!
I will check back and do more later on. :)


May I have one? My ref is in m sig. If you need any other refs just see my FA!
Thanks in advance