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Anyone want a very silly, unreliable and possibly rude tarot reading?


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Just a quick note to say I've not forgotten, I'm just not getting a lot of spare time right now :(

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Well I already know my future but yeah why not, fire away.


Woah, is this tarot business still a thing?? This sounds actually kinda cool.

On the off chance that it is, here's my question!:
I don't ever plan on getting into one, but will I ever get into a romantic relationship? I'd like to see fate try me ha!



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I know the answer, but what is the question?

Will my research have an impact?

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This sounds intriguing!!

Thankies so much for such an unusual opportunity, dear OP! UwU

So.. the question-

How can I understand the meaning of love, which I tend to revieve(or at least people tell me they do on me) but never understand?



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Lmao.Sure, it's all a lot of fun, but if anyone is seriously interested in the questions asked here, you can always turn to the actual cards. Tarot card divination is a whole culture that can help you answer difficult questions. Tarot card divination is a whole culture that can help you answer difficult questions. I know from experience that any advice is important in difficult times. I recently decided to take a course in Tarot cards, on the one hand I was interested, on the other hand I was a little scared. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Found the course https://www.arrowsisters.com/product-page/tarot-card-reading-course decided to pay, I was strongly drawn in. Since childhood I love mysticism, and so at the age of 25 I decided that I wanted to better understand the Tarot cards. The course was online and I had to run home after work to watch the lessons. I liked that it was explained in simple language and they taught me how to do the cards for love, career and finances. Now I sometimes tell my colleagues on my breaks as long as they like it. I got a personal reading during the course and I think it's starting to come true. The main thing is not to jinx it.
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Ok I got this deck of comedy tarot cards called the Arcane Bulls**t Tarot and I really need to get more use out of it because it’s hilarious! Who wants a tarot reading?! Just ask a question about the future and give me a number between one and 50 so I can cut the deck at random for you, and the cards shall answer in a wildly inaccurate but hopefully amusing manner!

due to the NSFW nature of some of the cards, I will be posting the readings on my FA as writing submissions and linking them here. If you’d rather have a private reading - like if you actually believe a tarot deck with cards like ‘pupa vomiting on cats’ and ‘space death’ might know anything about the future - then PM me instead!

I don’t know how many of these I’ve got in me so I may pick and choose my favourite questions to answer.

Aaaaaany takers?