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Anyone want to share how they came up with their fursona?


Slippery When Wet
I cycled through a variety of OC species before settling on Maelstrom, and even then she started as a plain brown wolf before her backstory developed a bit more. Now she's an Akhlut, an orca/wolf. I've been RPing as Mael online for about 12 years now so it's just been an ongoing process. Orcas and wolves have always been favorite animals of mine so combining them for my 'sona just made sense.

Happy merman

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I picked a merman because I got obsessed with merfolk a year ago. I have never really had a persona or fursona before that. I have had some RP characters but they were never meant to represent me. My mer beb is basically just me with a fishtail as seen in my avatar and I designed him with the help of a doll maker since I can't draw.


I've had my Deathless since the beginning of 2017, and she was created based on a spare pair of ears I got from Pawstar on Christmas 2016. I accidentally ordered a pair of blue and black ears and thought what I could do with them. After some trial and error, and going through song names from the album Visions by Haken, I chose the name Deathless, which is the second to last song on the album (highly recommend)!


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
I'm going to quote myself from the interview section I wrote a month or two ago...

My character was originally being designed when I was in four year long abusive relationship. I actually have the original notes of her design, before I had changed it. Initially, the character was going to be a hybrid of many different animals (snake, wolf, dragon, snow leopard, etc) and her role was to be nothing more than a character for art. After I began feeling misunderstood (both due to abuse, and also other life related things) and trapped in my own body, I reiterated the design to be more of a wolf cat hybrid with monster-like (ie. Symbiotic) traits.

First it was that she was a Grim Reaper, then a Wendigo ruling over a constantly shifting city...now, she's just a Symbiote. Ironically the most simple and yet most complex iteration, as most of her real struggles now happen internally versus some external hunger or direct force of opposition. As such, her traits began to change as well. The scales, wings, and various other traits switched for a much more "subtle" look. She can still shapeshift, but it causes great pains to her.

I think that her design will continue to evolve as I do.


Cat With A Guitar
In 2017 on a different forum site, I entered a thread called "design a character for the person above you" and I asked for an anthro cat with a cute sweater. This was what I received, which was (as you can see) based on cotton candy:
After some tweaks over the years, Sabrina evolved to what they are today, and became my fursona sometime late in 2018 iirc. Here's their current ref:


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Akiko, my kittydog, was made after I kinda just stopped using my original sona, a cat named Hazelle.

Akiko was designed using two bases: a feral base and an anthro base, whereas Hazelle was just a feral hand-drawn cat. I used bases because I'd never actually used them to design a serious sona and I thought it would be a neat idea. I gave Akiko both a feral and anthro form because I generally use feral more when writing and stuff but I wanted her to also have an anthro form for obvious reasons.

Akiko's design was inspired by my hair colour and a character from an anime. Her personality is mine, lol.

Sigvard Alfrothul

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In 2017 on a different forum site, I entered a thread called "design a character for the person above you" and I asked for an anthro cat with a cute sweater. This was what I received, which was (as you can see) based on cotton candy:
After some tweaks over the years, Sabrina evolved to what they are today, and became my fursona sometime late in 2018 iirc. Here's their current ref:
Not bad! I love seeing the evolution of design


Bald Eagles are my spirit animal! Growing up in a wooded area in the pacific northwest, bald eagles would land at the very top of the evergreen trees infront of my house everyday, scanning for prey. I also went to a zoo in northern California that had a bald eagle exhibit that allowed you to get face to face with two of them. I already knew they were my spirit animal before but that just cemented it. They're so huge, majestic and have an aura that commands authority. A very admirable animal indeed! They're the kings and queens of the north western skies. It was an obvious choice for my fursona.

Paws the Opinicus

*Not technically* a Gryphon!
I used to be a dragon kinda guy under the moniker Psyra Extraordinaire, then over time the novelty kind of faded out.... then around 2008 or so everything was rekindled, but with birds rather than dragons, and since I already was a big kitteh fan, the logical step was.... errr, logical.

Paws refined that by my decision that I didn't want to be "just another bird cat hybrid"... so I went with "bird, dragon, cat or dog thing i don't really know, and another bird" :D


A fox named Ridley
I've shared this story before, but...
I've liked foxes for quite some time, and I've been intro transformation for even longer. The first few ideas I had were for a human with some kind of transformation curse, but kitsune, being shapeshifting foxes, also had some appeal for a fox that had always been a fox. The only thing was, if I imagined physically being my fursona, I didn't much like the idea of my fursona having a bunch of tails. So, I came up with the idea of a mix: half regular fox, half kitsune. And that has been what Ridley is ever since.


Meros the Bun
I have this two headed dragon toy I bought at a toy store from Carmel for my birthday back in January of 2019. One day while on vacation later that year I drew that dragon with only one head and just sat on the floor of my room staring at it thinking "He's so cool, but I already have a fursona..." That did not last long. I went from a brown dragon to a red dragon by the next month. Then over time as I realized my personality isn't very dragon-like, and the fact that I became obsessed with rabbits, Meros went from a dragon to a rabbit! Quite the transformation, I must say.

the sleepiest kitty

Well, she is pretty much a furry version of me.

I wanted yellow fur because I like how it looks with her long brown hair, plus it's a fairly humble color. She has tiny spots all over her that are sort of like my freckles. And she's a cat because cats are my favorite pets.


New to the fandom here. I only just started making my sona last week, and finalized his design (at least from the front) this afternoon. I knew that I wanted something vaguely rodent-like, but also blue and with some extra fun face shapes. I just tried things until I was happy with the results.
Heart stamp on chest because Kiraan is very emotive and empathetic. Earring in the right ear because...right earring rule. Not much thought went into the design beyond that, so I may at some point want to make some alterations. Right now, though, I'm satisfied with how my blue boy turned out!


The Shapeshifting Fox
I was reading Warrior Cats and a couple of dragon-book series including The Inheritance Cycle, and The Fire Within series, and I would make up and draw my own characters. I've drawn dragons, people, a snake-man (he was supposed the be an evil villain who had a snake minion! Probably the first anthro I ever drew without having ever known about furries). I also drew a lot of cats, wolves, sketched my dog, etc. Anyway, I made a lot of characters and I always had these grand plots for them. I was mostly creating warrior cat OCs. But I was also attempting to write wolf books, warriors fan fiction, and short stories, one being about a lonely polar bear. I also loved writing about elemental powers.

I was getting annoyed with everyone (mainly family) thinking I was obsessed with cats. Let us completely forget I was obsessed with dragons before that. Will the taking me to the vet jokes stop already? T_T In early 2017, I decided I really like foxes. And with my newfound love for foxes, I stumbled upon and fell in love with a fox I never knew existed or could be so damn cute: Fennec foxes! This new obsession didn't stop the family from still treating me like I was obsessed with cats. They literally gave me a cat mask for my 21st birthday............ moving on

Before I had Nimu as a persona, I used to have a cat which I called Silverdawn (2015-2016). She was an ocelot with one gray hind leg. I love ocelot fur patterns. I also had Redhawk (2016-2017), a black, red and white cat.

One day in late 2017/early 2018, I thought: I really really want to create a character that represents me. So I went with foxes and decided she would be a shapeshifter because I had this weird mindset at the time where I believed that every day I am a new person, a little bit different to yesterday. Always changing. Shapeshifters change form. So yea. Originally, I tried to use colour symbolism with my design and created a terrible design that I slowly started changing to look better over time. (This mindset helped me ace my first year of University, by the way! Can't say I did too well after the first year...)

I was stuck on the name, so I was maybe a lil lazy but still wanted some meaning so I used "Nimu", derived from the Latin word animus, meaning mind and soul. I am very creative >.>
I only took away the 'a' and the 's' x.x Creative indeed! Also, I only just realised animus is also used in psychology and philosophy and might not mean what I think it does. Well, who cares! I say Nimu means mind and soul ^^

She was part of an Earth tribe of foxes. Their habitat is on the sand and the earth. There were three tribes: Earth, water and Fire. They keep each other in balance. Their leaders were Mark-holders. Mark-holders hold elemental power which they can share with their followers. When a mark-holder dies, the mark is transferred to the nearest host, with initial followers having priority. The Fire tribe leader was ambitious, and want all three marks for himself. So he tried to eliminate the Earth Tribe, but he had to kill every last one in order to obtain the mark. The surviving Earth Tribe members sought shelter with the Water Tribe and my character had received the mark of form. Pretty much Earth Tribe loves making masks, trinkets, objects and accessories out of clay, they have the Mark of Form (formation). Fire Tribe were pretty much like blacksmiths. This story had a lot of plot holes and didn't make much sense. Anyway, scrap it! Nimu also used to be half-fox, half-wolf, her father being a shadow wolf which was where she got shadow shape-shifting from. Again, I am scrapping this entirely.

I've had her since 2017 but I'm still trying to figure out a good design.

Right now she is a shapeshifting fennec fox with no powers other than shapeshifting. And while she can shape-shift into literally anything, she has three main forms: cat, fennec fox, tiny dragon. But for simplicity, she usually stays in Fennec fox form.

So a few nicknames I have for her is Nimu the Fox, Nimu Fox, Nimu the Shapeshifting Fox and Nimu the Grinning Fox because I once drew her with a giant grin on her face and I loved it. My username was meant to be The Shapeshifting Fox but shortened to TheShiftingFox because it was way too long!


She's not my fursona, but Amanda is rather interesting. She's based off Magica/Amelia from Ducktales, but over time I had to make her more evil than she used to be.


Old Amanda was more magic based and she could do silly things like turn into a dragon, be immune to drinking alcohol without no problems with her liver, and she had a magic rng ball attack:


I've made her modern version after rebooting my story, mostly because she wasn't very good at being an undercover agent and taken seriously. So I gave her the ability to use guns, and changed her psychic powers to be more akin to Silver the Hedgehog's, with still keeping her witch roots. She's basically my Revolver Ocelot, only instead of a Russian cowboy, it's an modern day Italian witch.

Amanda 2019.png
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Well, I took a “What Kind Of Animal Are You?” quiz online back in 2007, which told me I was an African Wild Dog. I had never heard of African Wild Dogs before and I was very intrigued by the species.

An original version of my fursona had wings.


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I had some bullet points I wanted my fursona to match, mostly something I'd enjoy drawing but hadn't really drawn much before, while still able to easily fit in with fantasy aesthetics if I ever decided to take that direction. So I settled on a white-tailed deer! I'm very happy with her :D