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Anyone wear ears, tails or collars around in public?

As I was watching youtube videos (ironically be it the college humor parodying the furry fandom... which was scarily accurate and juuusttt a tad disturbing), I commented and this huge flame war started up. I was trying to defend that not all furries were that way and people just kept telling me to kill myself for lack of any kinder words to come out of their... well.. fingertips. But anywhos. Our little comment war went on and eventually someone stated that (don't quote me on this),

"people who wear tails and collars aren't officially part of the furry fandom. The core are writers/artists and the rest are just a little splinter of the community, just like fursuiters and the bronies,"

The part I wanted to ask everyone was /if/ they have collars and tails and ears (as a guy, I don't wear ears, but the tails and collars? HELL YEAH!) and if they wear them in public and not just at conventions, like as a way of expressing themselves as a furry. Part of the reason I do it is as matter of expression. To a varying degree, I express myself as a furry every single day, just not to give a flying fxck about everyone's stupid opinions on the furry fandom as a whole (and comments directed me, I guess). Another part is that I'm part of the alternative culture too (not the horribly emotional "you don't understand anything and stuff" part, just the style.)

I guess in my personal story of becoming a furry, I learned/got into through expression first and /then/ jumped into the community, seeing I was most comfortable with openly expressing it first. Thus after that I started dabbling in my fursona, then eventually all that landed me here, where I kinna took refuge from the whole internet hating furries.

However, back to the basic question: do you have ears, tails, or collars and do you wear them strictly at conventions or do you wear them proudly as a sign of self-expression?

Post below ^^

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I don't even... that's crazy xD. I just have a white/black streaked 15~ inch one that I eventually had to tie to a carabiner and clip that to my belt loop xD. It works all the same xD. So you'd be willing to go for a giant-ass tail versus just a plainish (depending on style/length) faux fur tail?


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HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I don't even... that's crazy xD. I just have a white/black streaked 15~ inch one that I eventually had to tie to a carabiner and clip that to my belt loop xD. It works all the same xD. So you'd be willing to go for a giant-ass tail versus just a plainish (depending on style/length) faux fur tail?
Mostly for music vids or cons(if I can get around to actually going to one), I'm also saving up for a combat shirt like the one John Lennon wore
Ooooohh, that combo would look pretty freakin' sweet! I don't know what I'm gonna wear to a con coming up in September, it's located in Bloomington, MN. I think if it boils down to anything, /maybe/ my trips, band tee, collar, tail, the works. But if not tripps, then just plain slim jeans and stuff. *shrugs* I don't really know at this point xD. If I had the money I'd potentially get a fursuit but that's a tad out of my price range at the present moment... but I'm still on the fence about getting one. Like if I'll get the negative connotation people with fursuits get. I get enough crap as it is just for being a furry, but I guess it's just one of those "I don't care about your damn opinion, shut your face!" kind of thing.


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I've worn a collar out and about on a few occasions and only regret it now.

I like collars, and I suppose aesthetically I like ears/tails too, but they belong in their appropriate settings. I, at least, cannot pull them off.


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I saw a girl in the high street today wearing animal ears. If I wasn't riding on a bus at the time, I'd have asked her if she was a furry.

I wear a collar in public all the time. I guess I wouldn't wear it if I wasn't a furry - but I wear it mostly because I'm spoken for. I'm one of those people who connects wearing their collar to being subservient to that special someone. I make this connection because I didn't have any real desire to wear a collar until I fell in love.

I wouldn't have the guts to wear a tail out though. Besides, I don't think they make sense logically - I mean, my hair is one colour, I wouldn't ever want to wear a tail that was a different one. So unless it was the same colour as my hair, I wouldn't consider it outside of a fursuit.
@Conker: I guess it depends on what your overall style is xP. I've worn a tail so often, it just seems unfit /not/ to have it on with me xD. Same with my collar, I just feel.. I don't know, unsafe without it? It's weird to explain, but I had a hard time wearing my tail/collar out in public for the first few times I did. I eventually got used to it and it just grew on me.

@Alexxx: Interesting view! I know a couple of my friends who are furries who wear theirs because they're owner and pet. If I had a pet or if I was owned I'd definitely wear mine near all the time (no difference than I do now, really, except I'm not owned or have a pet). The idea of a collar when you're taken/have a pet/owned and you're both furries has always intrigued me. As far as tails go, I'd have to buy a new one since my new coloration of my fursona outdates my white/black streaked one... kinna.


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I do like the idea of wearing a sergal tail, but my hair isn't red and white so I'll leave it for the future fursuit.

And my guy isn't a furry himself, but I am wanting him to get me a name tag in the way that owners buy their pets name tags.
You could always make one somehow :D.

One of my friends gave me a name tag but she was neither my pet nor my owner, though she attempted to give it a try. She gave up after deeming it much too awkward... which kinna broke me down cause I thought she was honestly going to give it a shot and stick with it.

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Just on Halloween if that is part of the costume I choose to wear.
@Catilda Lily You're missing out on wearing em out in public though xP


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I wear tails...and fursuits too in public. But usually only during a fur-meet. However when Halloween rolls around I'm not afraid to go to class wearing a tail because it's Halloween. That said it's quite silly for anyone to assert that "Well people who wear tails and ears etc are not part of the "core". If you quote is direct with what they said, then they are turning around doing the common "Insert my individual interest as being what furry really is about".

All of that is wrong on multiple levels. It doesn't matter what you came for, or what your particular interest is. No one narrow interest within this community speaks for us all. There is no core beyond people who self identify as furry due to a serious interest in anthropomorphic animals in various media. Exactly what form each individual likes the most? That's up to them but you cannot sit and say your narrow interest is all the core is about and label the ones you don't like as outliers.

EDIT: As a member of and a active event organizer for a local fur-group, it's not uncommon for many of our members to show up wearing tails, ears, collars, etc. It seems to be more of a way of identifying with the group not unlike how sometimes punks will wear a specific kind of collar, or somethings goths will dress up together in clothing that pertains to their interest.

The tails and ears also serve as a good "We are here" for new members who are planning to show up and want to find where our group specifically is at.
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@Trpdwarf: yeah, I don't know what that guy's deal was. I told him basically what you said though, he eventually shut up.

I find me being a furry blends well with the whole alternative/goth style too though as well as my usual jeans/band tee stuff.

That's interesting though, I'd be tempted to start up a furry group here where I live, if I can find the other furries that go to the college I plan on going to ><

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I have ears and tail, I only weared the tail in public once while I was on lsd and somehow I ended in the police station, but I don't really think the two things were related


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I only wore a tial out last Halloween..... mainly because I had class, it was Halloween and that was the only part of my suit I had finished at that point. As far as other times.... I have classes in administration of justice and an emergency medical technician class. Not only would it be awkward in those settings, it would be down right impractical. Also My newest tail is a good 3 1/2 to four feet long and weighs in (I kid you not) around ten solid pounds. I HAVE knocked people over with it by turning around to fast.... don't need an assault charge placed against me :V


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Collars...hell fuckin' no
Tails...yeah, on occasion. I love making tails and have about a dozen of them now, so I kinda feel obligated to wear them at some point...plus I love embarrassing the hell out of my sister, so I always wear one when she asks me to take her out shopping or to museums/zoos or whatever.

Then again, I'm a fursuiter, so there's that too...
@Hewge: Thanks for the convoluted answer xP.
@Kitsune: Prooobbabbbblllyyyyy nottttt...
@Sierra: Holy freakin cow, TEN pounds? Where in the world do people get tails like that?! Mine is just light and fluffy xD... and then other people end up with these gargantuan tails and it's just crazy to me xD. How much did that tail cost o_O?
@Sniperfreak: I agree on the ears! Why all the hate on collars xP? I love all my tails too x3. How much did your fursuit cost, by the way? I'm curious and I've heard that a few hundred dollars on average.


Wolves unite..... oO CHICKEN!!
@Sierra: Holy freakin cow, TEN pounds? Where in the world do people get tails like that?! Mine is just light and fluffy xD... and then other people end up with these gargantuan

I made it.... cost me about twenty bucks since I already had the fur ^~^


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IMO, collars are stupid.
IMO: expressing yourself by what you wear is stupid.
I wear what's comfortable, probably because I have to wear it all day... idunno, if I was going out with a bunch of friends who knew I was a furry, I might CONSIDER wearing a tail. Collars are weird and degrading. Unfortunately no dragon tails. Ears don't look good... ya know... because we have ears on the sides of our heads >_>