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Anyone willing to take a request?


Lovable Dorky Werewolf
Not to sound like one of those guys begging for free stuff, I was wondering if there are any writers out there willing to take on a request for a story. Specifically a transformation story where a human turns into something or another. I have a few ideas you can choose from seeing as I like to give the artist/writer freedom to choose what they're most interested in. It wouldn't be anything overly complicated- I prefer simple stories.

I'm hoping to commission some stories in the future but for now I cannot afford to do so, so I'm hoping someone will be willing to write me a lil something in the meantime.

If you're interested, let me know and we can discuss details in PM.


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If you're also possibly interested in reading tips for already-existing stories featuring transformations, I believe my husband may have a few sitting around that I could link you to. Is there a particular kind of transformation story you're interested in, e.g. a werewolf's first change, alchemical/potion transformations, curses, item-triggered transformations, consensual or forced transformations, and so on?


I've been trying to find new ideas for short stories and the like, and I've been considering taking requests since I feel I'm not at the stage of taking paid commissions. I'd take a crack at it, though it may take time since school sometimes gets in the way.