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Anyone's sona got superpowers?



I have optional infrared vision
Enhanced strength and speed
I can shoot lasers out of my eyes and hands
I'm also resistant to fire and electricity



Totally not a vampire
My OC's a vampire, does that count? She's at least strong enough to throw road rollers around!


Fern can create and enter their own "dream world" to hangout in . . . but that's the extent of any powers.


My sona is from a custom species that in the story is a type of demon I call "spirit". Spirit demons have stronger spiritual auras than other kinds of demons and as a trade-off they are physically weaker. In her particular species' case the difference is not much - they are still very capable of physical brawls without losing out on spiritual capabilities due to the ancient nature of their heritage. I'm debating some other things, but right now that's what I've got.


Perpetually sleepy cat
All absolutely optional since I haven't gotten a chance to utilize these ideas in RP or writing, there are two options I'd be more than willing to take when it comes to my sona having powers.

1. Basically him being a bard and casting spells as he sings and plays a guitar.

2. Something along the lines of the PSI abilities in the MOTHER games (MOTHER/Earthbound Beginnings, MOTHER 2/Earthbound, and MOTHER 3). There's some interesting stuff in there that sounds like it's be a lot of fun to incorporate into some type of writing.


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i mean, he's a experimental B.O.W. so i guess...super speed, strength, sight hearing and stuff like that?