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Anything goes


Aussie foxy
No...it couldn't be! In front of them, bathed in the sunbeam, was Fiona's cat, somehow unscathed! One of the watchers moved close and...

Crat Strat

it was a perfectly normal Ditto who transformed into a cat.


[Yₒᵤ ₐᵣₑ ₜₕₑ ₒcₑₐₙ'ₛ gᵣₐy wₐᵥₑₛ.]
Yet even as the cold bitter wind came in and blew ashes across the still smouldering wasteland of the thread there was a moment of hope. In the distance the dark red clouds were parting, allowing sunbeams to break through and illuminate the charred surface below in a cascade of light and shadow. The watchers stood silently in wonder, listening to the whispers of the breeze, before packing their meagre belongings and again taking up their mission. The tale would continue....

With dramatic entry befitting of a king -- the young man casted his voice against the daybreak, breaking the veil of quiet whispers only to roar out in heavenly battelcry across the theater of war. His voice shattered the hearts of many that day, as he exclaimed the following: "EVERY DAY IS GREAT AT YOUR JUNES".