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Apartment Issues :/


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So g'day all you lovely furries.

I'm sure some of you have had a hand at the issues I'm experiencing right now. So who better to consult about it all.

Anyway... New job starts in 2 weeks. And I'm still trying to find a place to stay. It just so happens that A. Most leases don't start in the middle of June. And that B. I'm not 25.

Why does that matter...

Well lets see. I has car so getting to Gainesville; won't be an issue. But I do need a place to pass out.

However at the present even if I can find a place to stay, I'm going to have an issue getting the lease filled.

The two most promising places I've thus looked at both require a guarantor if the occupant is under 25. Which of course means that yours truly is going to have a hell of a time doing anything. I don't doubt that I could raise the funds to pay off the security deposit and what not, but damn... How the hell am I going to get a place if I'm not 25? (Oh and they won't allow you to be a self-guarantor unless you're 25 or older)

So yeah. Trying out the craigslist and hope I don't meet an axe murderer. If anyone has any tips/insights; toss me a line.
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Move to a different state that doesnt have such BS rules regarding apartments.

I've owned/rented several apartments since I was 20 and haven't had any problems acquiring or the like, sounds like TN? is a bunch of crocks.

Craigslist is a good route, be sure to post up you're looking to rent a room as well as replying to other ads, AND post your cell number... some people like myself will not reply to a craigslist ad due to issues over it, spam and the like.


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Move to a different state that doesnt have such BS rules regarding apartments.
Well, since he just got a job there (finally)... I don't really think that is an option.

lol You have to be 25? That is silly. The apartments I just moved into say you have to be 19. So I signed the lease (being 29) and my new roommate had to wait a month before he could go on it. Finding roommates that don't suck is hard, but good luck!


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Tip: Avoid craigslist. the last thing I'd want to do is trust a total stranger as a guarantor. I'd rather ask someone I know or not at all.

I found out today after reading the news paper that our government is thinking about changing the age of obtaining a home to 25 because there are so many under 25's not working and claiming housing benefit. For once, I agree with our prime minister.


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Is this something you're finding on websites, or have you asked someone about the policy? It might be that a decent credit score and proof of income are enough. that's all I've ever had to provide when getting an apartment, even before I was 25 (this is in a different state though). I'd also ask your employer, they may have information or services they can provide for relocating hires. maybe vouching for you with apartments, or having a deal with an extended-stay hotel nearby while you find a place. If this guarantor thing is a common policy in the area, I suspect they have some advice.