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Apologize (Fix the grammer and spelling)

Did I correct my grammars and words?

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Would you be so kind if you just read this and see if I got my grammars and spelling correct.

All right everybody, I am sorry. What happen was, I got alot of HATE mail from all unknown artists. They all told me to stop drawing anymore drawing porn, and they were calling me a horrible name that I cannot tell you all.

You all right, I was awful anthro artist. <(

I only got about five drawings they drew Dragonmorph last year ago, but now nobody draw my character for several months.

The whole thing going to get horrible in the further.

So I was going to say this again so you all could understand carefully.

I am so very sorry for adding post with spam. It's all fault. I shall will never, ever going to post more with spam anymore. For this time, I will be reading newspaper, news, and even book at the local library before writing a short story with perfect english.

You can hate or like me while you like. I will just draw for better clean art and/or a dirty arts. I already got all my furry friends around the worlds are loving my artworks.

Can you all forgive me? I promise I will not be adding with non-sentence and spam, I swear. Especially with large text bold.


some dragon
anymore drawing
was awful anthro artist
nobody draw
whole thing going to get
adding post with spam
It's all fault
shall will never
even book
adding with non-sentence
large text bold

I'm assuming English isn't your first language, so I'm cutting you some slack. Really, it just sounds like you're lost in translation and leaving out a bunch of really nitpicky modifiers and such.

Mr Cullen

I wouldn't take anything Drgonmorph says seriously anyhow. He's proven himself to be a right proper homophobe as well as a right proper creepy bloke.