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April Fools' pranks around the web! (2018) What did i miss?


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i was really underwhelmed this year. Very few of my usual YouTuber subscriptions did anything. None of my usual sites did anything (i think) and the few that did, their "pranks" were super weak. The only one i liked wasn't even specifically for April first. i guess Waldo has been hiding on Google Maps for a week already?

Do you suppose the lack of pranks and lols were due to the Easter Holiday? i hadn't heard of any "prank boycotts" or anything like that but the thought crossed my mind. Religious peeps could possibly find such things disrespectful on such a holy day. What do you think? What did i miss? What was your favorite? Most creative?

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Think the whole thing is rather idiotic myself, but.



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Not on the internet but Lexus did a funny commercial involving an apparently a partnership with 23 and me to help you tailor fit your Lexus to you via genetics. And even showed a feature how you didn't needs keys as licking the steering wheel started the car.

Honestly with how absurd features are on modern cars they had me going. Not gonna lie.


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Not much happened from the youtubers I subscribed. I felt like 60% of them just done something little and then blackscreened about a Minute.

This for example:


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I try to avoid the pranks unless they're from close friends because some people really play it fast and loose with what constitutes a "prank". Severely frightening someone, toying with their emotions, and physically hurting them are not pranks, they are forms of abuse and if directed toward the wrong target, can have horrible results. This is also of the reasons why I really dislike those "prank" shows, especially the ones involving scaring people- God forbid someone in that position might have anxiety or PTSD.. Or wind up with anxiety or PTSD after the fact. There's a difference between a spooky Halloween decoration that moves or says something when you get near it and making someone genuinely believe their life is in danger or that they've found a grisly crime scene.

That said, I am fine with pranks that are harmless and good natured. My friend and I pranked one another on Minecraft yesterday- she filled my house and the surrounding area with cobwebs and in return I gave her a musical note block floor and trapped her house with pressure plate activated pistons in front of every doorway. We both had fun, got to laugh at eachother's expense and nobody was hurt in any way.

While pranks are primarily for the enjoyment of the prankster, one should never use them maliciously- they're meant to befuddle, amuse and or mildly annoy/inconvenience their victim, not give them long term mental health issues.


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I don't like April Fools day on YouTube in general - it's the day most youtubers are focused on cheeky pranks instead of making some actual content, so I just blank out from YT for a while when it comes to that. Majority of the pranks seem to not have that much inspiration or dedication behind them - I really appreciate the pranks where creators go as far as possible with the joke (like a couple of Russian youtubers going with announcement of crappy visual novel, and then actually releasing the thing instead of "hurr durr just a prank"), and there just aren't many of them.


What DOES my username mean...?
YourMovieSucks did a great "review" on Ricky Berwick. i was disappointed with it only because i wanted a full length explanation of who this darling is. i keep seeing him in meme videos and i'd love to know more about him.



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Rpgmaker.net had it's homepage 'fixed up' by one of the moderators. One of the main links led to a page where it just repeated his username over and over, things like that. It took me a few seconds I was thinking 'Oh gawd, the Mod's gone rogue!' til I was like 'wait... this is for april fools'.
Only Fools-related thing I've experienced that day.


Reddit's /r/subredditdrama had a thread where everyone was typing in furry memes. Triggering the teen's that hate furs as if that something to proud of.