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Are cheap items just as good as expensive?


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90% of the time, the cheapest brands are of much higher quality than over-expensive shit. But for coffee? Nuh uh, Van Houtte or GTFO. Don't even show me a can of Folgers >:'(

Seems America has shitty ass products, since from what I've seen here, waaaaay too many people think the more expensive, the better. Sucks to be you, guys.

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Super expensive is almost always shit to sell to people that dont know betterand have more money than sense.

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Depends on what it is and why it's more expensive. /echoes thread

But it also depends on whether or not you're willing to pay more for ideological purposes. (Buying domestically produced goods, locally grown produce, etc.,) In those instances, it varies whether or not you're actually getting a better product, but ease of mind isn't meaningless.

A few years ago I bought some cheap Kong knock-offs that were made in China, and my dogs shredded them within a week. After that I bought some American-made Kong toys for a few bucks more apiece, and I still have those toys today. They're a little scuffed and that's it.

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I have one rule: don't be cheap with toilet paper. The extra expense of brand names is absolutely worth it to avoid stuff that feels like public restroom sandpaper.

Oh hells yeah. To me, cheap toilet paper is the number one warning sign of either extreme poverty or miserliness.
Depends on the item. I used to work in food production, we made the £3 sandwiches on the same line with the same bread and ingredients as we did the £1 ones. Often the only major difference was the packaging or a single ingredient that you could do without.

And I am the go to person in my group of friends for getting expensive stuff for cheaper than the cheap stuff, I've only paid full retail price a handful of times because I know how to shop.


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Seems America has shitty ass products, since from what I've seen here, waaaaay too many people think the more expensive, the better. Sucks to be you, guys.

I went to the US once.

I reeaaaallly did not like their sweets, chocolate, whatever.


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I went to the US once.

I reeaaaallly did not like their sweets, chocolate, whatever.

But we have so many things to choose from! Red solidified corn syrup, blue solidified corn syrup, the list just goes on!



Excluding costs dependant on branding (e.g. clothes), or the age of the product (e.g. technology), I think this is probably about right.


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i was told you should never have to spend more then $10 on a HDMI

because quality doesn't really matter in digital connectors


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I find some food products are just as good cheap as they are expensive.

If I go to the good dollarstore, I can get a jar of chocolate/hazlenut spread for $1.50, bottle of Franks Red Hot for $1.50, Captain Crunch for $2, and peanut butter for $1.50. Sure the peanut butter is a little dry, but that is what jelly is for.

If I go to the regular store, I can get those same things for $5, $5, $6 and $6 respectively.

The pricier ones taste just like their cheaper counterparts... so which do you think I am gonna go for? The cheaper ones of course. Then I can splurge on things like duck breast. :)


Electronics that are too cheap are too good to be true.
Some cheaper foods, can taste better than the more expensive if you look hard enough.
Shoes seem a good choice (walking boots especially)
Clothes. Depends.
Postage. Never.


I was raised to be thrifty.live within your means. You don't need the games that just came out or news system. Generic equivalent is good too. The thing I disagree with is cheap option is best. For many items that's not true. It's better to invest and purchase a high quality item that will last.
The best thing to do is research the item and find the best price for good quality.

But we have so many things to choose from! Red solidified corn syrup, blue solidified corn syrup, the list just goes on!
But I like blue solidified corn syrup.


Depends on the product, depends on the brand. There are different levels of cheapass, of course. You've got "affordable," "bargain," and "Jesus fucking Christ is that duct tape?"

Really expensive stuff though I'm always cautious about. My stepmom bought a microwave as part of a bigass fancy kitchen set when they remodeled. I guess it makes a lot of sense that it would suck, since they knew customers would look a lot more at it's appearance than at customer reviews.

Anyways, the thing shoots lightning. I shit you not. If any foolish mortal dare not to clean it out after each and every use, it smitith their food with the deadly fury of an angered god. I have pictures of popcorn bags looking like someone used them for blaster practice. Makes a clean hole right through. Kind of funny, really.

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Are cheap foods just as good as the more expensive brands? What about other material items? Tools, electronics, shoes, clothes.

From personal experience I find that cheap clothes last just as long as the brand names. I have found that depending on what the cheaper food is it can taste just as nice as the more expensive brands. (I find that cheaper sauces etc taste a lot more vinegary)

So what do you think? am I right, wrong? or a bit of both?
Both, especially in musical settings.

In my experiences, the most common curve for good equipment is better equipment and better sound as the price is higher.
Especially with cymbals, although brand plays a role in that


Of course cheap items can be just as good as expensive. Usually brand names are only expensive because you're paying for the brand.

Let's take medication for example. Ibuprofen.

Advil and Motrin have the exact same thing (unless you count the specialized crap that'll help you sleep) but they both are more expensive than just a generic brand. It's the same thing with cereals.


Very broad question..
When it comes to basic, raw ingredients (not prepackaged or frozen meals), you generally get what you pay for. For example, organic strawberries are more expensive but worth it as regular strawberries are loaded with pesticides that you cannot wash out. Pasture raised beef has good fats in it and can even be eaten raw, while industrial meat is cheaper but you would get really sick if you ate it raw. Grass fed milk is much more expensive than regular milk, but has a lot of healthy fats and beta carotene in it, which support bone and eye health. Regular milk barely has fats and beta carotene, but are instead loaded with a lot of industrial byproducts and hormones from distressed cows.
When it comes to herbs, the price matters only in American grocery stores. Go to ethnic stores and you will find authentic, high quality herbs for much, much cheaper than the crappiest brand at Kroger/Ralph.

With ice cream, the more you pay, the better. There's a reason why a pint of Haagen Daz is heavier than the store brand ice cream; it's because less air was whipped into it and it has more concentration of real cream than filler ingredients.

When it comes to house cleaning products, it's generally the same despite the cost and the brand. A cheap Ajax dish soap that you buy at the dollar store will work just as well as a $4 organic Palm Olive brand. You don't need a $3 broom to wipe your bathroom floor when you can find one just as good at a dollar store.

You usually get what you pay for when it comes to electronics and shoes, but not clothes unless the clothing is a brand name. Clothing brands become a brand name for a reason in the first place, and it's because they are good quality. But often the price exceeds the quality once something becomes "brand name".

But to really know.. research, read and compare the ingredients, and sample things.
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It's all a matter of the product and just how cheap you're going.

Based on personal experience:

Food: Quality and price do not always go hand-in-hand. You can usually find higher quality product at stores like Aldi's at a much lower price. You always want to read the ingredients on everything you buy.

Clothes: T-shirts are usually the only safe item, Otherwise you are looking at fit issues.

Tools: I'm pretty strict on this, Been burned too many times on cheap tools. Many stores these use the sears model of Lifetime Warranty when it comes to tools, Regardless of quality. Big-Box stores are selling Chinese made garbage at nearly the same price as quality American-Made tools. Latest example of this would be Lowe's who's Kobalt line was made spec-matched with Craftsman in the same factory until recently when they moved the entire production over to China and never adjusted the price. Whenever I buy tools now I either have to go to Sears or buy online. I only buy American. I can't stop mid-job and go to the store to replace a split socket.

Guitars: I own 9 ranging from entry level to pro and none are Chinese. I've been playing for 11 years(Still not any good...) and have yet to find a single Chinese guitar that wasn't complete trash. Here however price is not really the issue, You can find quality Korean or Japanese guitars that actually cost less than guitars that are made in China. Worst offender here is Epiphone where their guitars are almost exclusively made and china and just about every one has issues. I have yet to find a new Epiphone where the TOM Tailpiece wasn't lifting off of the guitar.

I could list more, But I'm sleepy. Goodnight.
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Let's take medication for example.
Indeed! My Degenerative Disk Disease flared up again, and I wanted to pick up some Robaxacet to relax my back. 18 capsules cost $12.99. The Pharmasave (store) brand cost $8.99 for 18 capsules.

Same with birth control. Depo Provera costs $70 for a vial. Generic costs $35.

I'll always take the generic stuff from the pharmacy if it is available.


Whatever you do, don't buy any electronics accessories or devices from Dynex.

Their products are absolutely terrible as a cheaper alternative to products which work better and last longer. Even their DVD cases are cheap plastic crap which can easily be chipped without even trying.

I dunno, I had a Dynex keyboard/mouse combo I got for like 10 bucks that lasted forever.

I did take extra care to not get semen, food, and cocaine all over it though so perhaps I was walking on eggshells or something.