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Are comics considered artwork or writing?


New Member
I feel a bit confused by something. This isn't to advocate for a change of any kind, perhaps just answer some of my confusion:

For years, I've been uploading my comic to the site, and always using the "Artwork (digital)" category for it, but throughout all these years, I noticed that people were posting them as Stories... despite the upload page only mentioning "doc, docx, rtf, txt, pdf, odt" as acceptable formats, which is weird).

I guess comics do tell stories, and even if someone were to browse for it, the "Comics" theme exists, and that's a clear indication of what purpose it serves.

I just debate whenever or not I should do it. On the one hand, a story would have a longer staying power on the front page, but at the same time, it would never be on top, considering how multiple rows of artwork take up that space.

How do people feel on this topic in general? Just wondering


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I strongly feel that category should reflect the uploaded file. I know that enforcement doesn't currently look that way, but to me, images in the story category are an exploit (especially since it takes using a quirk in site coding to get them there).

I've always uploaded my comics as artwork, and will continue to do so. Yes, they tell a story, but arguably so should any art featuring a full scene. (Anything more than a character just standing there in white space.)