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Are duct tape dummies always important?


can you make me a sandwich?
I'm wondering are DTDs really necessary if I could just make my own measurements with measuring tape?


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Most makers will demand them, but I had a couple exceptions!

My suit maker strongly recommended one, but I did their body measurements instead, and still got a really good fit!

Another maker I was planning to go with took your measurements, and made a digital 3D body image for sizing!

But, most makers will want them to work with you!


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If you are only getting a partial then they aren't that important. If you just take measurements, it makes it more difficult for the maker as muscle shape and length can come into play. What I did with my suit was make a pattern suit out of a sheet, then took the suit apart to use as the pattern for cutting the fur. It worked out well. If you can do that, it makes it very easy for the suit maker because he only has to cut out the pieces of fur.