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Are females better artists?


32% bi, that seems about right. Large surveys tend to get 30s to 40s. FaF averages about 45.

Yeah statistics show only about a third bi but it seems there is alot more bi's and gays than there is straights. Also I dont see why gender has to be a factor on making art.


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Like many others, I wouldn't think so. Some girls, I notice, take a more delicate approach, while some don't. Guys are the same, only more seem to be able to draw a sketch and refine it to a better quality. After watching videos, takings tutorials, and getting the courage up to post art that sucks, I can tell you that observation. I would think it is more of a learning process than anything :p


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I don't think gender is a valid factor in determining how good one's art is. That being said, it really doesn't make a difference what gender the artist is. Artists can come from anywhere.
The real question is how one defines "good art". Is a more realistic picture better than a cartoon-style one? I prefer cartoonish pictures, but that's all it boils down to. As long as the picture is aesthetically pleasing to me, I'll consider it as good art, even if its appearance is crude and weird-looking.


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